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royable's Journal
royable's Journal
July 21, 2023

Beaautiful! Thank you for helping to keep the wilderness healthy!

I passed by Lemmon Rock lookout last weekend on my first hike on the control road since the burn in the summer of 2020, and was thinking of you, how lucky you are to be in the lookouts you love again after being concerned that you would have to call it quits. A few more of the pines in the stand at the end of the control road had been burnt (a stand which had barely survived the two big burns of the early 2000s),, but it looked as though the fire had mostly just swept through clearing out the underbrush. I was relieved to see that, along the control road in general, the burn was not as severe as on the north slopes of the Santa Catalinas along Reef of Rocks, Red Ridge Trail, and Oracle Ridge Trail, where pretty much everything had been incinerated in a firestorm in that 2020 fire.

July 20, 2023

I generally agree with you, but....

The recent severe flooding in Vermont could as easily happened in western Maine.

The infrastructure along Maine’s 3000 mile coastline is going to be in a mess as sea level rises. Roads, bridges, ports, towns, factories. Look at a contour map to see how much of Maine is less than (take your pick) 10, 20, 40 feet elevation.

When I was young, central Maine used to frequently have three week spells in winter when the temps never got above zero. That doesn’t happen any more. The number of days over 80 in the summer has skyrocketed though.

Climate change has introduced the spruce budworm, disease spreading ticks and all sort of other nasty creatures.

But, if anyone can handle these challenges, it’s resilient Mainahs.

July 15, 2023

I saw it last week and loved it.

I found it funny and fascinating and I’ve continued to ruminate on it every day since. I’ve seen all of Wes Anderson’s films but one (his first), and while it may not have been the one I liked most, it was near the top. From several people’s comments, it sounds to me as though you were expecting or at least hoping for the film to be more traditional, and that’s not what Anderson does.
The several other theatre goers at the late showing I attended liked it too, I would say. There were lots of laughs and chuckles throughout, and no one left early. My two cents.

June 12, 2023

"Sprang up" implies suddenness, and sounds too modern to me

Was it sudden? Did it grow or evolve from prior belief systems? Coalesced. Formed. Matured. Was born. Hatched. Came of age. Jelled. Evolved. Condensed. Materialized. Entered the scene. Germinated. And more possibilities, depending on the nature of its origins.

June 10, 2023

They're just words to TFG. Their veracity means nothing to him.

Truth, lie, or anything in between, he doesn’t care. Words are just a tool for him to get what he wants.

June 5, 2023

I would argue that, by that statement, it does.

Sort of like....

Do not think of an elephant.

Well played.

May 17, 2023

Why does some people's discomfort outweigh others?

What if someone is uncomfortable not being taught the full spectrum of history but only a biased whitewashed slice?

What if someone is uncomfortable learning about white male racist property-holders' manifest destiny?

What if someone is uncomfortable learning about the Repub party of the past 50 years?

May 17, 2023

We could entirely do away with this mess if we had unisex restrooms like parts of Europe have,

and so I suspect this is done in other regions as well. The area for sinks and driers/towels is communal. There are genderless stalls that have toilets in them, with partitions and doors that run from floor to ceiling for privacy. There are also private stalls with baby changing tables. Off to the side of the communal area through swinging doors or a bend in a hallway is a separate room with urinals, that can't be seen from the communal area. Women and men (and anyone in-between or other) interact in the communal area with no fuss, because it's all perfectly normal to them to have that communal area. What could be simpler?

May 12, 2023

I'm sorry, Mr. Deplorable Mouth-Breathing MAGAT Racist Anti-Vaxxer, I can't treat you because...

...my religious convictions prevent me from treating gay people, and I and my conscience know that you're really gay, as much as you may vehemently deny it. As the state decrees, I MUST follow my conscience!

Next patient!


A possible line of defense?

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