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royable's Journal
royable's Journal
April 21, 2023

I think it's just an intrinsic personality trait.

Also, simply hardly watching any TV and not listening to AM radio talk shows or most anything else on radio except for NPR helped.

In my family and extended family, of those who turned far right, there were people with drive and people with no drive, there were people deeply religiously indoctrinated and people eschewing religion, there were poor people and slightly less poor people. But there was a commonality that they didn't want someone else to get something that they didn't think they deserved. There wasn't a sense of shared sacrifice, but rather an everyone-for-themselves mentality. And I think that at the root of it was fear.

Both my parents became indoctrinated by the fundamentalist xtians in their later years, turning from what I'd thought were strong independent thinkers who'd taught me to be a strong independent thinker myself, into angry, paranoid, and brainwashed sheep. It was very, very sad, how miserable they were in their later years. Nothing could bring them joy, except, perhaps on brief occasions, an experience of being out in the pureness of nature, away from people.

A good question. It made me think, and I"ll keep thinking about it.

April 11, 2023

"A Tennessee RNC member says every action GOPers take makes people hate them."

"People always suspected we're lower than river-bottom scum, but we don't need to keep proving it with everything we say and do. By ones and twos and thousands, as we destroy their lives, liberty and happiness, they're starting to pay attention, wise up and turn on us. Anyone who'd vote for us at this point is fomenting stochastic idiocy or has a death wish."

A quote existing in my dreams.

April 10, 2023

I would recommend several books on writing by Natalie Goldberg, specificly one on writing memoir.

See https://nataliegoldberg.com/books/
Scroll down to "Natalie’s Writing Books"

The True Secret of Writing--Connecting Life with Language

Writing Down the Bones--Freeing the Writer Within

Wild Mind--Living the Writer’s Life

Thunder & Lightning--Cracking Open the Writer’s Craft

Old Friend from Far Away--The Practice of Writing Memoir

If you already know a lot about writing but don't know about to to make a book out of it, I'd suggest the last two. The first through fourth are excellent at teaching you how to write.

Good luck!

April 1, 2023

I want a real gag used.

A real gag strapped around his head, he in an orange straitjacket, shackled to a chair, that is bolted to the floor. Of a concrete cell. In solitary confinement. Just to taunt him, down one of those straitjacket sleeves,his fingers of one tiny hand are able to sweep over the screen of a smart phone disconnected from the Internet. That's not too much to ask, is it?

March 30, 2023

So sorry for your loss. I consider TFG to be among the greatest mass murderers in history.

As deserved as this indictment is, whatever comes of it alone will barely begin to punish him adequately for the death and destruction he has caused to our country and the world. But it is a beginning, and hopefully more indictments will follow. And perhaps somewhere along the way, the stress will kill him.

March 30, 2023

Are there any known instances of an elected and vocal right-wing gun humper changing his/her tune

after one or more close relatives have become victims, either killed or injured, in a mass shooting?

With the ever-increasing fraction of the population having a close friend or relative who has been so affected by a mass shooting, you'd think it would be a matter of time until this happens.

I tried to search online for such a change of mind, and couldn't find anything.

But it makes you wonder what Thune, Donalds, Cornyn or Burchett would say if their spouse or parent or child or sibling were murdered in a hail of bullets from an AR-15-weilding psychopath. Would they remain steadfast, or would something crumble in their belief system? If they changed their tune, would they be ostracized by the party?

March 9, 2023

HA! Quick, now ask it whether bears s*** in the woods!

And who is buried in Grant's tomb?

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