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Border wall is quickly changing look of desert in southwestern Arizona



As construction has progressed in recent months, environmental advocates have raised concerns about the impact on Organ Pipe, which is part of the national park system and was designated as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations.

Hundreds of saguaros and other cacti were dug up and moved out of the construction zone. Others were destroyed outright. A National Park Service report last year cautioned that Tohono O’odham artifacts could be destroyed when the road along the border is cleared for construction.

Last week, construction crews started blasting along the border line that runs over Monument Hill near Lukeville. That news came just days after cottonwood trees were cut down at the San Pedro River in Cochise County to make way for a wall across the river.


I am extremely upset at this border wall construction defiling the pristine Arizona-Sonora desert, and our national monuments, primitive areas, and the last of our southern Arizona free-flowing rivers, the San Pedro. I am upset at it dividing wildlife populations, and blocking the roaming of jaguars, mountain lions, and other species for whom such roaming is necessary for their continued diversity and survival. I am upset at the expense of it all, the blight on the landscape, the illegal diversion of funds to create it, the message it sends to the world, the mindset it instills in us as Americans.

What I want to see is elected democratic officials, and democrats running for office (not just president, but other offices as well) promise that under a new democratic administration, they will work to tear down the wall and beat the bars into metaphorical plowshares. I think that could create a very large groundswell of support.

"Tear down this wall!"
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