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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
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How would a mammoth tusk get 200 miles offshore?

A mammoth stuck on an ice floe? Live mammoth caught in a riptide current or washed off shore from a tsunami, or a dead mammoth body washed down a river, and carried out to sea? Tusk clenched in the teeth of a shark as a keepsake? Sharknado? Ancient astronauts? Giant fusion-powered albatrosses? The mind reels.

Lack of compliance, the non-brain-damaged warned,

"could result in labor challenges and high levels of illness from COVID-19. "Some employees could opt to die or be permanently disabled, which "could cause significant business disruptions, and could adversely impact service performance and result in lower mail volume and revenue."

Putting the foot in the other shoe and all that....

I keep thinking about how someone posted on DU few days ago about a kid asking about original sin

Something to the effect of, "They told me in Sunday School that I was born with original sin. Why does God hate me? Why am I bad?" And all these Christian white parents don't give a second thought to their li'l dahlinks being taught to hate themselves because they're born sinners. Someone should start a movement to protest the teaching of Critical Original Sin Theory in our religious schools. Think of the COST to our tiny tyke's delicate psyches! Think of how their thinking has been warped and damaged by these insidious teachings and those who promote them!

Sort of a twisted, turn-the-tables-on-them approach. See how THEY like it.
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