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Considering there are many months, and even months in a row, that we have no rainfall at all,

in parts of Arizona and the desert Southwest, the statement in the article, "Some locations could see a month’s worth of rainfall in hours" is pretty meaningless.
But, that said, this month's rainfall at our home in Tucson has already exceeded last year's total rainfall of about 4 inches by far.

Why aren't infection rates reported as "daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated"?

instead of "daily new cases per 100K", which is grouping both the vaccinated AND unvaccinated.

I know there are breakthrough infections, and not to minimize the situations of those to whom that happens, but they're a very small fraction of all infections. If you ignore those, you can calculate the percent unvaccinated (1 - percent vaccinated)), then find the daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated by dividing the daily new cases per 100K by the percent unvaccinated.

Using today's numbers from the covidactnow.org page, the ten worst states for daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated are:

Florida 68.6
Missouri 60.9
Arkansas 60.2
Nevada 48.5
Louisiana 43.0
Utah 33.3
Kansas 28.6
Alaska 28.2
Arizona 27.9
Alabama 27.6

Isn't this a whole lot more meaningful?
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