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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,234

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Why does some people's discomfort outweigh others?

What if someone is uncomfortable not being taught the full spectrum of history but only a biased whitewashed slice?

What if someone is uncomfortable learning about white male racist property-holders' manifest destiny?

What if someone is uncomfortable learning about the Repub party of the past 50 years?

We could entirely do away with this mess if we had unisex restrooms like parts of Europe have,

and so I suspect this is done in other regions as well. The area for sinks and driers/towels is communal. There are genderless stalls that have toilets in them, with partitions and doors that run from floor to ceiling for privacy. There are also private stalls with baby changing tables. Off to the side of the communal area through swinging doors or a bend in a hallway is a separate room with urinals, that can't be seen from the communal area. Women and men (and anyone in-between or other) interact in the communal area with no fuss, because it's all perfectly normal to them to have that communal area. What could be simpler?

I'm sorry, Mr. Deplorable Mouth-Breathing MAGAT Racist Anti-Vaxxer, I can't treat you because...

...my religious convictions prevent me from treating gay people, and I and my conscience know that you're really gay, as much as you may vehemently deny it. As the state decrees, I MUST follow my conscience!

Next patient!


A possible line of defense?

I just wish he'd stop with the innuendo and tell us what he really thinks.

I remember the years of mendacity, corruption, nepotism, incompetence, gaslighting, cronyism, dissembling, destruction, retribution, projection, waking up every morning wondering “what fresh hell” would strike that day. CNN should be harshly penalized for their normalization of this great danger to the world. If I were King of the Forrrrrrest.
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