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BlancheSplanchnik's Journal
BlancheSplanchnik's Journal
June 4, 2015

You know what ALSO takes courage?

Growing up female, and then BEING a 65 year old woman. Without benefit of family, fame or fortune.


March 21, 2015

INFO HELP, PLEASE? So, I saw a claim made about the UN

that made NO sense.

A person I know posted on Facebook that the UN Commission on Women (I may have exact name wrong) voted Israel the top threat to women's rights.

She gave no link, only "you can easily find it, it's everywhere."

So I googled and saw the sources saying this were all far reichwing. Limpbag, Brietbarf, and others even more unhinged.

I didn't see ANY hits from more moderate sources though.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I don't know if I'll venture in to rebut her....I knew her many years ago, and not very well. She's got a cadre of like minded responses, and her profile pic---seriously, Michelle Bachmann eyes.

But I'm curious.....what's up with some vote accusing Israel of being worse for women than, ohhhh, Saudi Arabia?

And why do rw's hate the UN so much? I've never understood that.

Thanks in advance, DU friends!

March 8, 2015

So FUNNY! Obama whacks Donald Trump.

I know it's a little old, but no less funny. I LULZED!

March 4, 2015

I started watching Breakfast Bad on the Cooking channel,

After only the first trip through the buffet.

March 2, 2015

His daughter is LUCKY to have a masculine symbol for a Dad.

She gets taken seriously by way of her Dad's defense of her honor.....and the school is taking legal action against the abuser as a result.

MOST ATTACKS ON WOMEN RESULT IN---THE WOMAN HAVING TO LIVE WITH IT, go into hiding, avoid the abusers, learn self-defense, move to a new location, get therapy the rest of their lives, be told by people supposedly on their side that they're lying........

While the trolls and abusers usually go on their merry way. Their smirking, ego-maniacal, destructive, unrepentant, merry way.

February 26, 2015

I sure will be glad when the Bill-O scandal is done.

Seeing his face all over DU is about to make me have to have ANOTHER ileostomy. ***urrrk***

godDAYUM, he's ugly.

thenk kew. end of transmission.

January 21, 2015

I just need to say,


Thank you.
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