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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
July 31, 2020

U.S. Envoy Told Brazil It Could Help Re-elect Trump

Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Friday they were “extremely alarmed” by assertions that the American ambassador in Brazil had signaled to Brazilian officials they could help get President Trump re-elected by changing their trade policies.


July 31, 2020

McConnell signal to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from Trump if necessary

Washington (CNN)Sen. Mitch McConnell is allowing Republican Senate candidates to do whatever it takes to salvage their campaigns ahead of what Republicans increasingly fear could be a devastating election for their party.

In recent weeks, the Senate majority leader has become so concerned over Republicans losing control of the Senate that he has signaled to vulnerable GOP senators in tough races that they could distance themselves from the President if they feel it is necessary, according to multiple senior Republicans including a source close to McConnell.

That could mean breaking with Trump on the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic and the continued efforts by the President to paint an optimistic picture despite rising cases and deaths across parts of the country, especially in many Republican states in the South and Midwest.

While this may give some senators the flexibility to draw a distinction between themselves and the President, it also forces them to walk a tightrope. Trump remains enormously popular with the Republican base, and any attempts to undercut him risks alienating those voters.


July 31, 2020

FLIPPABLE: Jerri Green for TN-HD83

People sometimes ask me how can I run for District 83 with three small children at home.

And I ask them: how can I not?

On behalf of myself and my children, I have no choice but to care deeply about what happens in our community. My kids attend public schools, just as my husband and I did. So, when school vouchers take much-needed resources away from teachers and classrooms that are already struggling, I feel compelled to act.

Because of my children, I worry daily about the epidemic of gun violence that is plaguing our society. As a person who has had gun violence impact her life on three separate occasions, I know all too well how urgently we need to find a solution. When my children -- even my two year old -- have routine active shooter drills, I know I have to do all I can to fight for a safer future.

Because of my children, I think about how I would never want to be a burden on their futures. Too many people today are being forced to choose between their house payment and life-saving medical care. When I see their stories and look at a legislature that blocks common sense measures to alleviate the rocketing costs of medical care, I know I have to step and speak up.

Being a mother means that I have no choice but to stand my ground on ensuring that we pass the values and virtues like kindness, respect, and a belief in justice for all, to future generations. From global issues like the environment and the preservation of this world for future generations, or to personal issues like preventing online bullying and harassment, being a mother means doing everything I can, including running for office.

I am a life-long Memphian. This place is a part of me. I am the child of two small business owners who instilled in me their dedication and work ethic. I have been a human rights worker in Africa and a marathon runner for St. Jude. I have taught in the inner city and built houses with Habitat for Humanity. The people I met in both left me with hope for our future.

My background as an attorney, my years as an advocate for those in need, my time spent as a volunteer, and my experiences as an educator, will help me not only understand the importance of issues like paid family leave, access to affordable childcare, funding for after school programs and the arts, but recognize where our government should prioritize its resources to have the greatest impact.

I am not a politician. I never saw myself running for office. I don’t come from a wealthy family. I am not beholden to dark money – or any other money, for that matter. I am not a part of a political machine or beholden to anyone’s agenda. But that’s the point. Even though this was not part of my life plan, I know, that for the future of my children and my community that something has to change.



July 31, 2020

CNN: Bass, Harris and Rice are the top three VP contenders.

CNN: “Biden allies and others close to the vice presidential vetting process said California Rep. Karen Bass, the 66-year-old chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, has gained real traction in the late stage of the search. Amid furious last-minute lobbying and speculation about Biden’s historic decision, California Sen. Kamala Harris and Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s former national security adviser, are also believed to be among the most serious contenders.”

“Biden’s team has yet to tell any of the women they’ve considered in earnest for the vice presidential role that they are officially out of the running, with one source saying 11 women are still formally being considered.”


July 31, 2020

Nancy nails it.

“We don’t have shared values. That’s just the way it is.”

— Speaker Nancy Pelosi, quoted by Politico, on negotiations with Republicans over a coronavirus relief bill.


July 31, 2020

Hong Kong leader postpones elections, further eroding political freedoms

HONG KONG — After disqualifying a dozen pro-democracy candidates, the Hong Kong government said Friday it would delay legislative council elections for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, undermining one of the few partially democratic institutions left in the Chinese territory.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said in a news conference that she was invoking emergency powers to postpone the vote — unprecedented in the city’s political history since its handover from Britain to China in 1997. Postponing the election, she said, was the most “difficult decision” she has had to make since the onset of the virus here in January.

The makeup of the legislature in the interim, Lam said, will be decided by Beijing.
“We have made the decision to postpone the election for one year,” Lam said, after spending half an hour laying out her government’s response to the pandemic and the potential health risks of holding the vote. Because of the pandemic, “we would not be able to meet the requirements of an open and fair election,” she said.

In response to reporters’ questions, she added: “There is absolutely no political agenda.” The postponement, Lam said, was supported by Beijing since it is in the “public interest.”


July 31, 2020

Cook Political moves five House seats in our direction, one towards Republicans.


New House rating changes:
#AKAL Likely R to Lean R
#AR02 Solid R to Likely R
#FL26 Lean D to Toss Up
#GA06 Toss Up to Lean D
#NY02 Lean R to Toss Up
#OH10 Solid R to Likely R

Full article here (Lock): https://cookpolitical.com/analysis/house/house-overview/house-rating-changes-cash-disadvantage-compounds-gop-woes
July 31, 2020

Medicaid expansion on Tuesday's Missouri ballot.

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce came out in favor of Missouri's Medicaid expansion ballot measure on Thursday.

The Amendment 2 measure, which supporters say could extend health care coverage to more than 230,000 low- and very low-income Missourians, is up for a vote on Tuesday, Aug. 4. Medicaid expansion would add government-backed health coverage for those earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line — $17,600 per year for an individual or about $36,150 for a family of four.

Missouri is one of 13 states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, a requirement of the 2010 Obamacare law later made into a state-by-state option by a Supreme Court ruling. A decade after the law's adoption, 9 percent of Missourians are without health insurance, according to the Kaiser Familiy Foundation.


July 31, 2020

Introducing the PEC's 2020 State Legislature Moneyball Map


Sam Wang
The Princeton Election Consortium is pleased to unveil #Moneyball2020. We quantified voter power in legislative elections through the lens of redistricting - and Congressional power for a decade.

The goal is balanced governance. Optimize your activism!
July 31, 2020

Dave Wasserman: Six Congrssional seats to change status tomorrow.


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Dave Wasserman
Six House rating changes coming later this morning at
, all but one in the same direction. Stay tuned...
11:13 PM · Jul 30, 2020 from Alexandria, VA·Twitter for iPhone

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