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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,844

Journal Archives

Apple beet carrot slaw recipe

This week's recipe is a simple and delicious summery slaw. The sweetness of apple mixes with the tartness of lemon juice, and the amazing crunch of the raw beets. This recipe is also completely vegan and gluten free. If you don't have a mandonlin, you can run all of the veggies for this recipe through the large holes of a box grater. The texture won't be quite as refined, but the taste will still be amazing.

Of course you can customize this with your favourite type of apple. We were using Honeycrisp, but most apple varieties will work just fine. Granny Smith might be something to avoid because they are so tart (really better for baking!) but Fuji, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, whatever you prefer. You can also control the tartness with the amount of lemon juice you add. If you find it a little too astringent, cut the lemon juice back a bit. We love that tartness mixed with the sweet apple and beet.

Twitter Thread on UBI: "You just want people to not have to work?" "Yes. Yes, I do."

Really excellent thread here:


When discussing Universal Basic Income, inevitably the retort comes: "So you just want people to not have to work, is that it?" Accompanied by a smug smirk, expecting me to backpedal and hem and haw, say "Of course not, that's silly." Except...yes. Yes, I do. 1/11

Full text below:

When discussing Universal Basic Income, inevitably the retort comes: "So you just want people to not have to work, is that it?" Accompanied by a smug smirk, expecting me to backpedal and hem and haw, say "Of course not, that's silly." Except...yes. Yes, I do. 1/11

People shouldn't HAVE to work. People should WANT to work. Sharing in the labor of building and maintaining a society because it benefits everyone should be desirable, not forced. It shouldn't be something we do because we'll die otherwise. 2/11

Imagine a society where survival didn't depend on a job. Imagine how that would alter the fabric of...everything. Imagine if you could leave a job without fearing the loss of income or health care. Imagine the power of the worker in that society. 3/11

If a person could survive without a job, imagine what employers would be like. They'd have to treat their workers fairly, and make themselves attractive to entice workers. They'd have to offer a better option than other employers, and make people want to participate. 4/11

Places that have offered UBI have seen the results: most people do want to work. The people who choose not to are generally young parents, students, people with disabilities and the elderly. people have a desire to contribute, for our lives to have purpose and to be useful. 5/11

And before you say it, yes, some people will take advantage. That is true for absolutely everything ever. You think people don't take advantage of the economy we have? Like, say, the 1% who grow wealthier while their employees have to work three jobs and use food stamps? 6/11

They can only do that, by the way, because people are so terrified of losing a job and the destruction that would follow that they tolerate mistreatment, disempowerment, the destruction of their unions, healthcare, retirements and even their bodies to avoid it. 7/11

That would not be the case if everyone were guaranteed a baseline survival income. Your boss couldn't treat you like shit because he knows you can't leave. You CAN leave, and you will. 8/11

What if desperation didn't motivate everything? Imagine the impact on health, relationships, parenting, well-being, crime, violence, progress. When you aren't desperately scrabbling for the rent, you can spare a neuron to contemplate long-term problems. 9/11

Imagine a society where terror of destitution wasn't a constant thrum underneath everyone's existence. Imagine the creative works that society could produce. Imagine the children it could raise, the elderly it could care for. Imagine the inventions it could produce. 10/11

Now, imagine knowing all this and thinking "NOPE. We can't have all that, because someone I don't like might benefit from it. So to avoid that, the rest of you can all hang." And there you have modern conservative thinking. 11/11

Important Twitter thread about what the Democrats can do:


Tim Wise


1/ If the Dems blow this election it will not be because they were "too far left on policy" or because they "weren't left enough." It will have little to do with policy at all. They are making a mistake caused by traditional consultant theory that does not apply here...

Here's a link to the whole thread unrolled: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1152930670093787141.html

Homemade Fried Oyster Recipe

So, at the end of last week's Cajun-inspired egg salad, we garnished with some lovely fried oysters, and here is the recipe for those! We're lucky to have a great Asian grocery store nearby that has in-shell oysters of a reasonable size for frying. They also sell tubs of pre-shucked oysters, but we find that they're usually far too large for good frying. If you can find reasonable sized oysters already shucked, by all means use them, because they are a pain to open!

If you don't have an oyster knife, a stout butter knife can do, but it's still a struggle. If you end up with bits of shell or grit in the oyster, don't be afraid to give them a rinse before you toss them in the flour!

Cajun-inspired Egg Salad Recipe

After last week's basic egg salad, we decided to spice it up a little! Hubby used to work in a very well-known fine dining Cajun establishment in Houston, and he learned a lot of interesting recipes and techniques there. A lot of the food he cooks at home here in Toronto has a decidedly Cajun twist to it. That restaurant didn't do an egg salad, but if it did, this is how he imagines it might have looked!

At the end, we side the egg salad with some fried oysters dusted in Cajun spice mix, just to really double down on the Cajun flavours. The recipe for the fried oysters will be going up next week!

As of right now, who would be your SECOND choice?

In the interests of getting us all saying good things about candidates other than our first choice. Please don't turn this into "it would just be my first choice again!"

I think right now my second choice would be Buttigieg or possibly Booker. They both made a good showing at the debates and they both seem like thoughtful, straightforward candidates.

So, who's your second choice candidate as of now? (of course it's early in the race and not only is it likely that everyone's choices will change as time goes on, it's more or less inevitable)

Basic Egg Salad Recipe

So, this week we're doing a super simple basic and delicious egg salad! Not much to say about this one, honestly, it's a basic egg salad. Throw it together and eat it right away! You can toss your own ingredients in there, too. We added some chopped green olives, and it was excellent! This is just the basic recipe, but coming up, we're going to do a really excellent Cajun-inspired fancy egg salad!

Easy Basic Raita Recipe

So, here's the last of our Indian food videos for now (though we will be doing the saag feta that hubby makes and is -amazing- sometime in the not-too-distant future). This is just a simple and delicious condiment to go with the rich and unctuous curry. Raita actually works as a condiment for any number of delicious and rich curry dishes, and provides a bright and sour contrast to the rich and spicy curry gravy.

Raita, like so many recipes, is made differently all over the place. This is a pretty basic one with just cucumber and onion, but I've seen raita that includes tomato, carrot, and even pineapple or mango. We seasoned with just lemon juice, salt, toasted cardamom pods, and some dried hot pepper, but you can also use things like cumin, ginger, and mustard if you want. We like to keep the flavour profile very simple to keep it from getting muddled.

Some More News: Perhaps Ben Shapiro Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously By Anyone About Anything

Oregon Republicans shutting down the state senate to kill a climate change bill by fleeing the state

This crossed my Twitter today:


Matt Wallace

I kinda feel like Oregon Republicans shutting down the state senate to kill a climate change bill by fleeing the state and literally threatening to murder police while rallying white supremacist militias to engage the US government in armed conflict should be bigger news.

Anywhoooo, hello from Oregon, where it appears Republican state senators have fled the capitol and are teaming up with local paramilitary groups for a potential armed standoff with state police.

And a bit of follow-up:


Copy McPasty

To clarify:

1. Senators fled the state over the climate bill and are still MIA.

2. A senator threatened to shoot police tasked with retrieving them.

3. Militia groups are independently mobilizing to “protect” the senators, but NOT at the request of the fleeing senators.

“Teaming up” was a bad choice of words on my part. The militias are itching to getting involved, but there is no evidence they are coordinating with the any of the senators or their staffs.
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