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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
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Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
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Journal Archives

Cajun-style french toast "Pain Perdu."

So, this week's recipe is one that the hubby learned in the south. He was taught that it is a French dish by way of Cajun cuisine, and it really is excellent. The French name "Pain Perdu" translates literally to "lost bead" because this recipe is made with day old or two-day-old baguette. It doesn't work quite properly with fresh baguette, and once it has gotten too stale, it won't work either, as the egg mixture won't soak all the way through to the middle.

The magic of this recipe is the nice thick (1" or 1 1/2" ) slices that get the egg mixture soaked all the way through. You need to let them soak for a good long time, about 15-20 minutes so they're fully saturated. Once cooked, this makes the inside like a bread pudding almost. A lovely firm custardy texture that is sweet and rich. Traditionally these are fried in a lot more oil than we use here. The way my hubby was taught, the oil comes halfway up the sides of the bread in the pan, but we just use enough to cover the pan!

Media Matters: Fox & Friends is nicer to your march if it includes neo-nazis.


Which is quoting this video from the Media Matters account:


Notice any difference in outrage from Fox & Friends when they're discussing people protesting gun violence versus neo-Nazis marching?

Sorry, I don't have a link direct to the video, it appears to only be on Twitter.

Eagles of Death Metal frontman calls student anti-gun protests "pathetic and disgusting"

From Alan Cross's Journal of Musical Things: http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/eagles-of-death-metal-frontman-calls-student-anti-gun-protests-pathetic-and-disgusting/

Jesse Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal and a survivor of a horrific mass shooting, doesn’t think much of the student anti-gun protests that we saw over the weekend.

Hughes is a hardcore gun enthusiast and supporter of the Second Amendment. He feels that what we saw with the March for Life was “pathetic and disgusting.”

And he links to Consequence of Sound here: https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/03/jesse-hughes-student-led-protests-against-gun-violence/

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes is no stranger to controversy. In the aftermath of the 2015 terror attack on Paris’ Bataclan, during which 89 concert-goers were murdered while attending an EODM show, Hughes questioned whether the attack was “an inside job.” He also criticized France’s strict gun control laws, arguing that such laws actually encouraged an attack. “Did your French gun control stop a single person from dying at the Bataclan? If anyone can answer yes, I’d like to hear it, because I don’t think so,” Hughes said at the time.

Now, Hughes has taken to Instagram to criticize this weekend’s student-led protests against gun violence and their calls for increased gun regulation. One posting features an image that equates gun regulation to a man cutting off his penis to prevent rape. “The Whitney Houston song about letting the children lead the way wasn’t actually had operating paradigm for life,” he wrote in the caption, adding: “And when the truth don’t line up with your bullshit narrative just hold your breath and stamp your feet and refused to except it…. then take multiple days off of school playing hooky at the expense of 16 of your classmates blood….!…. it might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and disgusting……”

In another posting, he shared a photoshopped image of student protester Emma González ripping a copy of the US Constitution. (The actual photo depicts González ripping a gun range target, but the image has since been manipulated and spread among right wing groups.)

Hughes wrote of González: “Behold……the Awful Face Of Treason…..survivor of Nothing….Lover of Treason…..enjoy your little moment…..it’s about to End…… #stupidity #hatersofliberty #loversofsatan #borntolose #2ndamendment”

The Medias Obsession With Donald Trumps Sex Life & More - SOME MORE NEWS

Cody Johnston is back with More News.

Maple Marshmallow Fluff recipe

So, after last week's hot chocolate, we wanted to come back this week with how we made the marshmallow fluff we put on top at the end of that video! Please note, you will need some specialized equipment for this one: A candy thermometer is important, or the recipe may not work.

Basically, it's like an Italian meringue that has not been stabilized with gelatin. Also, it is typically made with corn syrup, but we like to use maple syrup because it has a nicer flavour! Once made, it will stay good for about a week at room temperature, but you may see some of the syrup weeping out.

The immigration policy fiasco shows again that Paul Ryan is really, really bad at his job

I'd still like to know where this story started that Ryan's just a big ol' policy wonk who's so policy nerdy that he's all about making policy and policy and wonk wonk wonk... it's absurd on the face of it, the man's clearly in over his head and basically had a couple of Ayn Rand fantasy bills he wanted to pass to screw poor people and nothing else.

From DailyKos: Full Article Here

Republican discord is clearly derailing any progress on finding a solution for Dreamers. Which is pretty much the story of everything that happens with policy in the House, largely because House Speaker Paul Ryan is pretty much incompetent. Here's how Politico reports that immigration story.

In late February, Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team went to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte with a request.

With a White House deadline fast approaching to address the fate of Dreamers facing possible deportation, the leaders wanted to put Goodlatte’s conservative immigration plan on the House floor, but needed him to make changes to win more votes. Goodlatte, an immigration hard-liner, assured Ryan he would be flexible.

But weeks later, Goodlatte’s legislation is still languishing. […]

Goodlatte has long posed an imposing hurdle even for House Republican leaders who should, in theory, be able to pull rank on him. They’ve spent more than five years trying to cajole the 65-year-old Virginia Republican to take up consequential legislation. Instead, Goodlatte has moved slowly or not at all, his GOP colleagues say, often stalling until lawmakers move on.

To be fair, which is more than Ryan deserves, Goodlatte is a problem he inherited from former Speaker John Boehner. We know that because this very long story details just how long Goodlatte has been a thorn in the side of leadership, refusing to work with fellow Republicans and acting as a major obstacle to all sorts of policy-making. Supposedly back in 2015, it was an issue when House leadership was figuring out committee assignments. "'Boehner just kind of took him on for everything he promised to get done,' and he didn't, said one Republican who witnessed the exchange. Goodlatte, the person added, will 'give you a white paper on [an issue], but he never plans to produce anything.'"

From-scratch hot chocolate

There's been a late wintry blast in a few spots the last few weeks, so we wanted to do one last warming and delicious wintry recipe, here is our hot chocolate! We like a little spicy, so we usually toss in one of our dried pepper pods, but if you don't have that handy, a pinch of cayenne will really kick up the heat a little. That tiny bit of spiciness just really makes you want to keep drinking it!

You can control how dark the chocolate is by using milk instead of dark chocolate or by adding more milk/cream. You can control how sweet it is by adjusting the sugar, as well. The marshmallow fluff we add at the end will be next week's recipe!

Cody Johnson is back with S**e News

Plain Brown Rice Recipe - Pilaf Method

So, we're keeping with the basics this week, with a plain brown rice recipe! We don't have (and have never really seen the need for) a rice cooker, so we usually do it on the stovetop. The pilaf method refers to toasting the rice briefly in some kind of fat or oil before adding the water. It adds a slightly nutty flavour and a lovely toasty aroma to the whole pot of rice. Please note that white rice cooks much faster, so this method is portable, but the cooking time would be shorter for white rice.

We also found a really interesting article about the way you cook rice and how it affects it's nutritional value: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/03/25/scientists-have-figured-out-a-simple-way-to-cook-rice-that-dramatically-cuts-the-calories/
Basically this method lowers the glycemic index of the rice (making the carbs less bio-available) if you cool the rice before using it. We'll frequently make large batches of rice just to have on hand, and keep it in the fridge (and we did it before we read the article!) to pull out for things like fried rice, or as a side dish beneath curry or my hubby's homemade Chinese food. This rice is unflavoured so it's very versatile.

Pan-seared Bavette (our steak method)

This week's video is a bit of a back-to-basics sort of thing. We like throwing these in with more complicated recipes, because honestly, lots of folks don't know how to cook a steak! Most important things to remember is that protein needs salt and pepper before it hits the heat, it really helps with the Maillard reaction for that amazing seared flavour.

For a searing steak like this (or filet, or ribeye, or anything like that) the trick is to use very high temperatures for not very long. Get the meat on the seasoned side on super hot cast iron, and don't leave it for too long. We usually eat it medium rare, but for rare, you can cook it a little less than we did here, and you can keep cooking longer (in two-minute increments) to get it up to medium, or medium well. I don't recommend well-done, personally! I think it lacks a lot of flavour!

We ate this with our chimichurri from last week!

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