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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 3,014

Journal Archives

Peach Pecan Turnover Recipe

So, this summer has been brutal, and the heat here was unbelievable. I'm very happy that the temperatures are starting to fall for autumn. However, the very hot heat of the summer made for some AMAZING peaches from the Niagara growing region in Ontario. They were enormous, delicious, and juicy. So, time to do some baking! This is our recipe for peach pecan turnovers. It's a super simple recipe, especially if you're lazy and use store-bought puff pastry like we did (I applaud anyone who makes your own puff pastry, but we didn't have the patience).

Super easy to customize this one. Add raisins, replace the pecans with walnuts, change up the spices, add a dash of cayenne, whatever you like. It was super delicious, even though we used just regular eating peaches and not baking peaches.

Also, we're just a couple of subscribers away from 700!! Thanks so much to everyone who has been watching, liking, subscribing, and especially sharing our videos with people. We really appreciate it!

The Concourse: Brett Kavanaugh Is A Man The Right Can Get Behind

Full article here: https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/brett-kavanaugh-is-a-man-the-right-can-get-behind-1829225731

From the article:
Shit’s real weird now.

A thing it took, like, the New York Times and Washington Post and CNN and so forth maybe a little too long to figure out, back during the 2016 campaigns, a lapse that has launched innumerable blinkered Cletus Safaris in search of some other, less chillingly sociopathic answer in the aftermath of that hell-moment, is this: What the American right wants, what it’s after, isn’t some abstract pluralist success, like the smooth functioning of government and/or the material improvement of American life. It wants, only and entirely, to defeat its opponents. Those aren’t quite the same thing. The Republican party would not choose the former if it could be accomplished without the latter.

An example: Any number of grub-like Yale jurist-ghouls with diamond-edged ‘80s-dad hair and uniformly right-wing ideas about constitutional law could get confirmed to fill the Supreme Court’s vacant ninth seat, and once in that seat could be counted upon to plagiarize Anton Chigurh dialog into incumbent legal precedence for the next three decades. The earth contains no shortage of these. And so, in the aftermath of the discovery that Brett Kavanaugh, the one Donald Trump happened to nominate for the gig, quite likely attempted to rape a 15-year-old girl in the summer of 1982 (and, perhaps less important though no less relevant, almost certainly lied to the Senate about the use of stolen materials to aid George W. Bush’s judicial nominees) and has been living comfortably with this fact about himself for the ensuing 36 years, it should be easy enough to withdraw his nomination and move along to the next crypto-Nazi cottage cheese sculpture in the pipeline. He’d breeze through confirmation, whoever he was: You could pretty much count on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s terminally third-brained centrist Democrats lining up to play themselves. And that would be a success, theoretically: A new, arch-conservative Supreme Court justice, possibly even one not tainted by a credible accusation that he once tried to rape a child.

But that would not be enough. It has to be this guy. It has to be this guy now more than ever. It has to be this guy, now, because he has been accused, credibly, of attempting to rape a 15-year-old girl in 1982—moreover because people believe this should be considered a disqualifying blight on his record. The thing that must happen is that those people must be defeated. That is the whole point. What must be shown to the whole world is that this, even this, cannot stop him. The bigger the outrage that can be brushed aside, the more thorough the defeat for the people who thought something, anything, might take precedence over this white man being the pick of another white man.

It’s a bit late for anyone not to have figured this out yet, but the skeleton key to understanding American conservatism is this: At bottom, it lacks absolutely any moral or ideological underpinning beyond the reactionary protection of moneyed white men—of their station, their wealth and power, and their egos. Its supposed ideas and abstractions are just a framework for spasmodic lashing-out against anything that can be interpreted as a threat to rich white dudes. It likes supply-side economics because the supply side is made of rich white dudes. It likes tax cuts because the taxes are mostly cut for rich white dudes. It likes cops and soldiers because cops and soldiers uphold a social order with rich white dudes at the top. It likes “traditional family values” because social, economic, and sexual dominion over women are the most traditional family values of all. It likes “Make America Great Again” because rich white dudes used to roll through society and over everyone else with even greater impunity than they do now. All of these things are just proxies for reiterating, over and over and over, forever, the power and security and primacy of rich white dudes.

So, basically the GOP needs for Kavanaugh to win this whole process (not succeed, but win), because they need to flex their muscles and show the left, "Look, we can make this happen exactly they way we want and there's nothing you can do about it." They need to make rich white dudes so completely bulletproof in the political arena that nothing will every hurt them ever again.

Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe

It's almost (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and then not long after that will be (US) Thanksgiving! So, just in time, we did a video on cranberry sauce! This is a super simple recipe and is incredibly delicious. Sweetening with honey adds some amazing floral notes to the aroma, and starting with nice sweet orange juice as your citrus base cuts a lot of the bitterness and astringency from the cranberries so you get this lovely, tart, complex flavour.

We used natural honey in this, which has a tendency to crystallize. This is a great way to use up crystallized honey because it melts nicely in the juice to start, and adds that lovely floral aroma to the whole dish. If you don't have natural honey, you should still make sure it's thoroughly dissolved in the juice before you add the cranberries, because if there are clumps, they'll burn.

The NDP did a FOIA/FIPPA request on public consultation for Ford's Bill5

Turns out there was none! Wow, what a surprise!

So democratic! So glad he's doing an end-run around the Charter with no mandate, no public consultation, and no reason other than spite.


Our NDP team FOI'd the government for records of any evidence that the Ford government consulted with the public on their bill to meddle in Toronto's election. Their answer: "no records were located.”

#onpoli #bill31 #CharterOfRights #NotwithstandingClause

Buttermilk Annatto Poultry Marinade Recipe

So, I know we JUST did that yogurt saffron recipe, but bear with me, 'cause this one's a bit different and is actually designed to work better on turkey (though it works on chicken just fine). Hubby wanted to do some Thanksgiving themed recipes this year, but we couldn't actually get turkey legs at our local shops, just yet. So, we ended up with bone-in, skin-on, leg and thigh with back attached, and they worked amazingly well.

If you've never run into annatto or achiote before, you can find it at Mexican dry goods stores or in the ethnic aisle of many grocery stores. You can find it whole (it's a seed) or condimented as we have it here. It's got a very light peppery flavour and a lovely light floral aroma, and adds a bright orangey-red colour to dishes.

This recipe doesn't really come from anywhere in particular. It's one of hubby's inventions from just tossing stuff together. The buttermilk is similar to Middle Eastern yogurt-based marinades, and also southern cooking buttermilk-soaked fried chicken. You can switch up the flavour profile very easily by changing the herbs and spices in there. Toss in some oregano for an Italian twist, or some ground fenugreek to give it some Indian flair. It's very versatile.

Vegan Gluten-free Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

This recipe actually went along with the saffron yogurt chicken we did last week. This is a classic Levantine parsley salad that's traditionally made with couscous. Because couscous is a sort of pasta made from cracked bulgur wheat, it's not a gluten-free recipe, but in this (slightly fusion-y) version of the recipe, we replace the couscous with quinoa, making it completely gluten free!

I'm not the biggest fan of the texture of raw parsley, but this salad is so delicious, I can't stop eating it. Great side dish for any number of grilled meats or fish, or topped with some hummus or baba ghanouj.

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