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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:34 PM
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Journal Archives

Bacon-wrapped and Glazed Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf is the punchline of lots of "bad food" jokes, but it can be delicious. This week we show our method for a really delicious meatloaf. Some people glaze their meatloaf, and some people wrap it in bacon. We did both! The real secret to keeping everything moist is that panade that we show at the beginning (some breadcrumbs soaked in cream).

Of course, this one is super easy to customize by changing the spice mix in the meat, by changing the meat mixture, and by changing the ingredients in the glaze. If you want a sweeter glaze, you can add more honey, brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, ketchup, fruit jams and jellies, or fruit juice. You can make it spicy by adding any number of hot sauces!

Apologies in advance if my delivery isn't so enthusiastic in this video, I'm super stressed right now. Our landlord is taking the house we've been renting back for personal use, and has been dicking me around with paperwork on top of us trying to find a new place to live and trying to plan for moving. I haven't been sleeping well because of it.

Hey, remember that super grifty wall GoFundMe? It gets griftier:

Sorry, it's not in text form, it's a podcast. But yeah, not only was it super grifty from the start (I mean, of course), but those refunds that are being issued... sort of aren't.

Recommended listening: https://www.behindthebastards.com/podcasts/the-whole-story-behind-that-we-build-the-wall-gofundme.htm

In short, the guy who's running the grift has moved the potential money from the relatively transparent platform of GoFundMe into getting people to "opt in" to moving the money into his 501(c)4, which will make it all tax-free dark money. The guy has a history of grifts and links to right wing meme and "alternative facts" Facebook news sources. He's also run GoFundMe campaigns in the past with absolutely no accounting for the destination of the money.

Mac and Cheese recipe!

An American classic with French roots! After last week's how-to video on béchamel and mornay, this week we apply it directly to macaroni. It's not as easy as the mac and cheese you buy in a box with powered milk solids in neon orange, but it sure is tastier. It's also not nearly as complicated as it's sometimes made out to be, you just need to keep an eye on all of your various cheese and cream sauces so they don't scorch or burn!

Obviously this is a highly customizable recipe. You can stop at the mac and cheese in the pot and not bother baking it! You can add whatever cheeses you want in there, so long as you keep the rough proportions. We do recommend using cheese that melt nicely, but go crazy! Add blue cheese! Go high-end and add Comté! Make it spicy, add curry powder, add roasted garlic. You can even chop up hot dogs in there if you really want! We used regular elbow macaroni for this, but we also like using the very long twirly pasta called Cavatappi (or Scoobi Doo), but do make sure that it is fully drained before adding it to your sauce!

Salon: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right: There should be no billionaires

Full article here: https://www.salon.com/2019/01/22/as-usual-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-is-right-there-should-be-no-billionaires/

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's ability to harness the news cycle hasn't died down one bit now that the newly-elected New York congresswoman has settled into office. Most of the AOC coverage over the past week continues to be TMZ-ified, focusing on Aaron Sorkin's stuffed-shirt scolding of younger members of Congress and exaggerating Ocasio-Cortez's supposed conflict with other Democrats. The congressional freshman from the Bronx continues to calmly and unapologetically use her fame for good, however. She used this weekend's news cycle to continue highlighting the evils of wealth inequality, and to draw attention to serious policy fixes for the problem.

On Monday, Ocasio-Cortez attended a symposium where author Ta-Nehisi Coates asked her if it was moral to have "a world that allows for billionaires." Ocasio-Cortez swiftly said it was not. She hastened to note that individual billionaires, such as Bill Gates, may well be good people. But "a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong."

"Do we want to live in a city where billionaires have their own personal Uber helipads," she asked, "in the same city and same society as people who are working 80-hour weeks and can't feed their kids?"

Right-wing media sprung into action to try to discredit her, of course, by implying that a woman who graduated summa cum laude with an economics degree is a bimbo and with Twitchy using a screenshot to make the usually genial Ocasio-Cortez somehow look like a ballbuster. But it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain the myth that the enormous wealth inequality in not just American society but the entire world somehow reflect a system that's fairly rewarding people for their talent and labor.

Back to basics! From a roux to bechamel to mornay sauce.

It's a bit of a back-to-basics week for us. We wanted to do a video on macaroni and cheese, but we realized we had never really properly done the method for making a roux or even a basic béchamel sauce, so in this video we take you through the process from roux to béchamel to mornay sauce!

It's not a strictly classic béchamel, because the traditional method only uses milk not cream, and also has some slightly different proportions and some different seasonings. During the period where it is simmering to cook the flour, and is flavoured with an "onion piqué" which is an onion studded with cloves. My hubby's method is to pin a bay leaf to half of an onion with the pointy end of two cloves, and that's usually enough flavour for the smaller batches you'd make in a home kitchen.

We didn't do any of that, because we wanted room for the cheese in our mornay sauce. Traditionally the cheese is Gruyère, but we use a combination of Gruyère and cheddar.

Muffaletta Sandwich Recipe

This week, hubby wanted to do some comfort food for him growing up, a twist on the classic Cajun Muffaletta sandwich! This sandwich is an amazing culinary intersection of Cajun food and immigrant Italian food, and has nearly infinite variation. The real secret here is the "olive salad" that makes this sammy truly unique. You can personalize this with any sort of combination of meats and cheeses you like, but for our money, it needs three things: a deli-cut basic ham (black forest, Virginia, or in this case an in-house made grandpa ham from the local butcher), a spicy salami or capicolla (like a spicy genoa salami, or a sopressata), and a deli cold cut like bologna, mortadella, or pariser. There are tons of variations you can do with this, as well.

Likewise with the olive salad, you can use whatever kinds of olives and pickles you like. We have a lot of homemade pickles on hand, so we used those mixed with some lovely kalamata olives. You can use green olives, too, and just about any kind of vinegar or fermented pickle you can imagine, whatever is to your taste. But it is important to let that olive oil soak into the bread for a couple of hours (or even overnight in the fridge!) before you cut and heat up the sandwich, it really does make a world of difference.

Crispy Nut-Free Granola Recipe

This is something that hubby made in the restaurant, with a couple of minor alterations. He used to serve it as part of a yogurt parfait with nice homemade fruit preserves as part of the breakfast sandwich combo. We don't eat a lot of it at home, but I wanted him to make it for the channel because it's really good, and sometimes it's hard to find a good granola that's nut-free in case you have an allergy. In the restaurant he used maple syrup, and here he uses honey, but both work and both are delicious.

Also, of course you can personalize this however you like. If you want to add nuts in, you certainly can. When you're looking at pepitas and sunflower seeds, make sure you're buying raw and unsalted seeds. Roasting already roasted seeds will make them super dry, or burn them.

Also, we just passed 800 subscribers on YouTube! Thanks to everyone who watches, subscribes, and shares our videos. We're glad you enjoy watching us fool around in the kitchen!

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