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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:34 PM
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Journal Archives

Homemade Applesauce Recipe

Pretty short and sweet one this week! It's apple season, so we've got some great fresh apples going on here in Ontario! This week is this simple and delicious homemade applesauce, and next week will be some tasty breakfast muffins!

These apples were perfect and ripe, very sweet, and so didn't need any added sugar. If you're using a much more tart apple like a Granny Smith, you may wish to add some sugar. Also, we doubled down on the apple flavour by using apple cider for the liquid, but you can also use apple juice or water for the liquid to get the cooking started. Spices, bourbon, etc... are all optional of course, but we think they all a very pleasant accent to the sauce. Texture, as well, is personal choice. Ours is still slightly chunky because we like a bit of texture in there, but you can also burr mix this, or even pop it in a blender for a much smoother sauce. Just take your cinnamon stick out, first!

Warren vs. Private Equity firms


Matthew Chapman

If laypeople understood what private-equity owned firms do, this would make them want to vote for Warren even more.

The PE industry isn't inherently bad — it finances some small businesses that can't get capital elsewhere — but in the US, due to lax laws, most PE firms now make money by buying healthy companies, shifting their own debt into them, plundering their assets and firing the workers.

A good case is Toys R Us.

Many people assume Toys R Us went bust because they were unprofitable. But that's not true — they were actually turning a profit. They went bust because a PE firm bought them, then forced Toys R Us itself to pay the debt the PE firm ran up buying them.

The intent of PE is to be a mutually beneficial relationship: the PE firm cuts waste at the firm they buy and increases their profit, to the benefit of both.

But nowadays in practice, it's usually a hostile takeover that strips companies and kills jobs to enrich the PE execs.

So what are Elizabeth Warren's proposals?

-Hold PE firms responsible for a portion of debt from a leveraged buyout.
-Require worker salaries and pensions be settled first in the event of a PE-held company's bankruptcy.
-Require workers get a vote on public boards of directors.

The Economist is right: those proposals *would* shrink the PE industry — because the kind of hostile takeovers that are now the bulk of PE revenue would be unprofitable or illegal.

PE firms could still exist, but they'd have to act in the interest of the companies they buy.

I don't see any problem with that.

Some European countries already restrict PE firms this way and it hasn't killed capitalism. It's actually made capitalism work better, because profitable companies don't get randomly chewed up and shit out by a small group of rich people.

A fascinating looks at how proportional representation may have shaped this election's results

A really interesting graphical breakdown provided by CBC:


Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

A simple and delicious recipe for this time of year! If you've got some green tomatoes on the vine that won't ripen before the frost comes, then now's the time to do something! This is a very basic recipe (with a couple of fun dipping sauces at the end), but you can obviously spice this up however you'd like. Dust them with a little cajun seasoning when they come out of the oil, or dust the tomatoes with a bit of cumin or curry powder before you bread them!

Andrew Scheer frantically asks for do-over after accidentally voting for Trudeau

Just a little levity to celebrate.


Insiders suggest that Scheer’s moment of panic ensued immediately after dropping his voting slip into the box at the Mâmawęyatitân Centre polling location for Regina- Qu’Appelle. Witnesses close to the leader stated that Scheer’s face paled and flop sweat immediately poured down his back as the realization of what he had just done settled in. Though he initially tried to pretend like nothing had happened, the fear that the press could catch wind of the blunder was apparently too much for Scheer to handle. Reports that security personnel were required to intervene in order to pry Scheer’s fingers out of the narrow cardboard slit into which the vote was cast are still unconfirmed.

“I just….. I’ve just been thinking about Trudeau so much lately. Like, EVERY DAY. And I guess he was on my mind when I was filling out my vote and….. I just….. I just….” the leader stammered as tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. “It’s not fair!”

“Ok, just give me five minutes with the voting box. I totally know which one is mine ‘cause I drew little devil horns on the names of all the other candidates before I filled it out,” Scheer requested, having regained his composure. “I can just scoop it out and totally pretend this never happened. No fuss, no muss.”

After being forcibly ejected from the polling centre for causing a scene, Scheer immediately initiated a conference call with Justin Trudeau telling him that it would be so funny if he would vote for the Conservatives “as a total goof.”

Homemade breakfast sausage recipe!

This one requires a little bit of specialized equipment! We're using the meat grinder attachment on our KitchenAid for this, but there are other meat grinding options, of course. The trick here is to keep everything as cold as possible! You may wish to keep both the bowl you're taking the chunks from and the bowl that the ground sausage is ending up in ice baths to make sure everything stays at a good low temperature. If things get too warm, you end up with fat rendering out, and it won't emulsify properly for the final sausage.

We did this into saran wrap to make patties, but of course if you have the necessary equipment, you can extrude this filling into casings for individual sausage links. The flavour profile we used is very much a breakfast sausage (though a bit too garlicky for my personal taste), but you can personalize this however you like!

The news is deeply discouraging today - Bad Guys Win by Matthew Good

An absolutely new low for the Wall Street Journal

In the opinion section: Turkey Is Stepping Up Where Others Fail to Act

Written by: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

I don't recommend giving them any clicks, but the article is here: Turkey Is Stepping Up Where Others Fail to Act


Cipher_Siren @cipher_siren
Thanks for “staying transparent” WSJ

Spiced Canned Pears in Syrup Recipe

So, last week we did the neon pink cinnamon candy canned pears, this year we're doing a much more rustic spiced canned pear recipe. This is a basic canning procedure using a light syrup and some delicious whole spices to infuse the pears with flavour. The nice thing about canning fresh fruit like this is that it maintains their flavour and colour for a long long time, especially if you do the full canning procedure, and is shelf stable (until opened) for a year or more.

You can change the flavour profile however you like for this. Also, if you have whole star anise, it looks much more dramatic than the broken bits we had.

Hot Tamales Cinnamon Candy-canned Pears

So, hubby and I live in Ontario, but my hubby comes from Texas originally. One thing we love about Ontario is the vast amount of amazing fresh fruit and veggies we get here all summer. It's coming down to the end of that season at this point, but a couple of weeks ago, I got these fantastic fresh pears! Hubby wanted to do some canning, and we're going to do a more traditional rustic spiced canned pear episode next week, but this week we're revisiting his childhood in Texas with hot cinnamon candy-canned pears!

Traditionally this recipe is done with Red Hots, but we had a very hard time finding them. We did manage to get our hands on Hot Tamales, pretty easily, though! The only real difference between the two is that Red Hots are a harder candy all the way through, and Hot Tamales has a gummy centre. Sort of like Red Hots wrapped around a gummy candy. Anyway, it worked pretty well, and we ended up with these amazing bright pink pears!

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