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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
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Journal Archives

Tom Kha Soup Recipe

This week we decided to do a lovely Thai soup for our recipe! It's a really simple and fragrant soup full of lemongrass, galangal, and hot peppers. It's also super simple, and the real trick is to add one thing, let it come up to the simmer, and then before it boils, add the next thing. Repeat until everything's been added, and never let it get to the boil and you'll have great flavour extraction for all of the ingredients (also, boiling really wreaks havoc with coconut milk).

We didn't really include it in the video, but we added shrimp to ours, but it is also traditional to use chicken. Also, if you use vegetable or mushroom broth, you can make this vegetarian. Also also, if you can't get a hold of shimeji mushrooms, then oyster mushrooms are very traditional for this kind of soup, and just plain sliced button or crimini mushrooms are delicious in it as well.

Luxury Bacon-Wrapped Shishito Pepper Poppers Recipe - with Crab and Truffle

So, I admit we went a little overboard on this recipe. We wanted to go all-out and make a luxury gourmet version of the poppers we did last week, so we got some amazing mascarpone cheese, crab meat, some beautiful cured coppacola, Shishito peppers, and some summer truffles. We realize that these are not really ingredients that are going to be widely available to everyone, but we basically wanted to show how versatile a recipe can be. Just by switching out a few of the ingredients from the previous recipe, you get something that's significantly different (and much much fancier).

We made -far- too much of the filling, and we used the rest of it as a dip for the same party that we served the poppers at. It was delicious both ways. Obviously we splurged and spent a lot on ingredients here, but sometimes you just want to be super fancy!

Tell me again how Bloomberg is the most electable?

I understand people think he's the best chance against Trump, even though I don't believe that in the slightest. Here he is belittling farmers:


Bloomberg on why farmers can’t work in information technology

MB: “I can teach anyone how to be a farmer 1 dig a hole 2 put a seed in 3 put dirt on top 4 add water 5 up comes the corn”

The skill 4information technology is completely different you need more grey matter


You don't have to tell me how much worse Trump has been and will be for farmers, I don't want Trump in there, either. I just don't think that replacing Trump with Bloomberg is going to be the best option, and there has been an avalanche of recent information that demonstrates it.

Canadian fashion mogul accused of rape, sexual trafficking in class-action lawsuit

From the Ottawa Citizen. Fully story here.

In a press release on the lawsuit released Thursday, the women state that “Nygard lured and enticed young, impressionable, and often impoverished children and women with cash payments and false promises of lucrative modelling opportunities in order to assault, rape, and sodomize them. When the victims were not swayed by promises, many were drugged to force compliance with Nygard’s sexual desires.”

Many of the women were younger than 18 at the time of the alleged assaults.

Nygard, 77, is the fashion executive, founder and chairman of Winnipeg-based Nygård International, known for making and selling women wear.

According to the press release, Nygard would instruct his employees to “procure” the children and then take them to lavish “pamper parties”, where they were “plied with drugs and alcohol” and then violently assaulted. In one of the cases, Nygard is alleged to have brought a 15-year-old girl to his mansion in the Bahamas, where he attempted to sodomize her, raped her and then asked her to defecate in his mouth before offering her cash.

Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers recipe

So, this is a bit of a non-traditional take on a jalapeno popper. We dispense with the mess of breading and deep frying, and instead we wrap this in bacon and bake them. They turned out fantastic. The sour zing of the feta cheese in the stuffing and the subtle aroma of the mushrooms came together for a great overall flavour. I think we took these out just a little earlier than we should have, but sometimes when we're filming, it's hard to time everything exactly right!

You can use whatever sort of cheese mix you want in the stuffing. Mascarpone, ricotta, or cream cheese are all just fine. We like to add some depth with the parmesan and feta and of course some other nice flavours in there, too. For the bacon, you really don't want any of those fancy thick-cut homestyle bacons, just regular store brand super thin cut is the way to go for this recipe. It's good and stretchy and will get nice and crisp.

Newsweek: Bernie now leads all Democratic candidates in non-white support

Full story here: https://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-leads-all-democratic-candidates-support-non-white-voters-new-polls-show-1486807

Senator Bernie Sanders leads all the Democratic presidential candidates in support from non-white voters and has gained 10 points among black voters, according to new polls released Tuesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has long touted his support from minority–and particularly black–voters to demonstrate his electability for the Democratic party's nomination. But the candidate's support has appeared to slide dramatically among all demographics since his fourth-place finish in Iowa last Monday. Meanwhile, Sanders appears to be surging.

The independent senator from Vermont is backed by 28 percent of black, non-white Hispanic and Asian voters, according to the latest polling data from Monmouth University. Biden came in second with support from 20 percent, or 8 points less than Sanders.

A separate by Morning Consult, Sanders has gained 10 points in support among black voters, with 27 percent saying they now back the senator, as opposed to the 17 percent who were before the Iowa caucuses. Meanwhile, Biden's support from the vital demographic has dropped to just 35 percent, which still puts him ahead of Sanders by 8 percent.

But VICE and Ipsos had recently released a poll suggesting otherwise. Their survey found that Biden and Sanders were in a statistical tie, with Sanders slightly ahead. In that poll, 56 percent said they would "consider voting" for Sanders, while just 54 percent said they would "consider voting" for Biden.

Following Iowa's problematic results, which led Sanders and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, to both declare victory in the state, Biden has seen his support slide in state level and nationwide polls. Sanders now appears to be the national frontrunner, according to the polling data from Morning Consult and Monmouth.

Totally Non-Traditional Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go) Recipe

If you've ever been to a Chinese dim sum restaurant, you may have seen on the menu (or tried, if you're adventurous!) the "turnip cake" or lo bak go. Truth is, it's not really made of turnips, and it's not really a cake. Traditionally this recipe is made with something more akin to a daikon radish (which has some similarities to a turnip) but we made it with these amazing bright red watermelon radishes! The end result came out a really pleasant pink colour, though after we had fried them, they did resemble spam!

We've made a few substitutions in this recipe. Instead of the more traditional dried shrimp, we added XO Sauce, which is a slightly spicy seafood condiment from China. We also replaced the Chinese sausage with bacon, because we had it on hand, and we wanted the bacon grease to fry the mushrooms and line the steaming dishes we used. Also, it's pretty easy to improvise a steamer if you don't have steamer trays. We used a stock pot with an insert in the bottom and stacked the dishes on top.

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