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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:34 PM
Number of posts: 3,021

Journal Archives

Chewy Oatmeal Rum Raisin Cookies Recipe

Whoops! Forgot to link this yesterday when the video went up. Just a simple little oatmeal raisin cookie recipe this week! Couple of really nice things about this recipe: It takes almost no time to mix up, because you want to make sure you don't overmix anything, and it also freezes very well, so you can bake off a few cookies whenever you want them. Also, one of the biggest problems with oatmeal raisin cookies is that people really don't treat the raisins right. If you reconstitute the raisins for a little while before you bake with them, it will prevent them from becoming tough and leathery. How you rehydrate is up to you, and if you don't want to use booze like we did, you can rehydrate them in white grape juice or apple juice as well.

I suspect that one of the big reason people don't like raisins in cookies is that they just aren't treated right, and they get far too dried out and tough in your cookie.

Welsh Rabbit/Welsh Rarebit Recipe

This is one of those recipes that has about a million variations. It can range from just slices of cheese melted on toast up to something a little more complicated like what we've done here. Essentially we've made a sauce mornay using cheddar, Dubliner, mustard, and a lovely dark beer (a porter in this case). Important considerations for this recipe are things like the quality of your bread, the type of cheeses you want to use, and the type of beer you want to use, as these will all affect the final product.

You want to make sure that the cheese you're using isn't too dry and has a decent fat content, or you run the risk of the sauce breaking. Also, the type of beer you use will change the flavour profile significantly. A very dark beer like a stout is traditional, but a porter or bock will work excellently. You might even get away with a strong Belgian ale (a trippel or quadruppel would give a sweet, malty accent). We do recommend serving this with a sour slaw or something similar, because it is extremely rich and unctuous and something bright to cut the very round flavour really helps out. Some fresh herbs sprinkled on top will also brighten up the very rich aroma, too (we used thyme).

Canada's Embarrassing Vaccine Rollout Explained - Surprise! It's Privatization!

Tex-Mex Restaurant-style Enchilada Recipe

A while back we did the homestyle kind of enchiladas, a sort of layered casserole of tortillas and filling covered with cheese. But we also wanted to do a video about the restaurant style enchiladas! It has the benefit of using up a lot of leftovers, as well. It is also extra delicious when you use homemade corn tortillas (another recent video we did!).

The filling can be any sort of delicious thing. We used leftover beef chili, but you can use chicken tinge (or even the poulet grand-mere we did a few weeks ago). The flavour profile is really up to you.

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

This week we're using up the last of the leftovers from our braised chicken recipe from a couple weeks ago. We're turning it into chicken pot pie! And you don't need some chicken stew or anything to make this, you can do it with chicken soup, or even just leftover roasted chicken and some chicken stock to turn into the gravy with the roux.

How you want the final product comes out will determine how you prepare and chop up the veggies and chicken. If you want it a little more rustic, leave everything in big pieces. If you want a more refined final product, then chop everything a little smaller. The egg wash really makes the pie come out beautifully and adds that golden crust to the top.

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