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Arbel Kynan, a top Israeli fashion model, wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday that a Lebanese designer refused to have her take part in his runway show at the Haute Couture Week in Paris, which starts on January 20, because of her nationality.

“Truthfully... it’s still hard for me to digest....” Kynan wrote. She then told of how she arrived in Paris a few days ago to be photographed by a “very respectable fashion company,” and was told she would also walk the runway in next week’s show, which is a coveted job in the modeling industry.

“Many times, people ask us where we are from, and on the day of the shoot they asked me where I am from and, of course, I answered with a big smile that I am from Tel Aviv.” The shoot continued as usual, Kynan said, and they finished early. According to Kynan, a few days passed, and then on Tuesday, she says, “I received an email from my agency stating that the client is Lebanese and he does not want me to take part in the show, because I live in Tel Aviv, Israel – this is the content of the email I received.”


As protests restart in Iran, demonstrators refuse to trample US, Israeli flags

Protesters gathered on the streets of Iran Sunday for a second day of demonstrations against the regime, prompted by the Iranian leadership’s belated admission that it accidentally downed a Ukrainian airliner last week, killing all 176 people on board.

Hundreds of protesters rallied at various locations around the country, including outside a university in Tehran, social media posts showed.

Video also showed a crowd of several hundred at the university refusing to trample on large US and Israeli flags that had been laid down in the path of the march. Those that did walk on the flags were chastised by other protesters, the Haaretz daily newspaper reported. The video did not identify which university was involved.

“They are lying that our enemy is America; our enemy is right here,” chanted some protesters in Tehran, according to a report from the Reuters new agency.


Look at the websites they mention

On the left, when President Donald Trump tweeted an American flag following Soleimani’s death, anti-Israel conspiracy theorist Max Blumenthal replied, “You misspelled the Israeli flag.”

On the far-left website CounterPunch, Jefferson Morley wrote. “Trump has now fulfilled the wishes of Mossad,” the Israeli intelligence agency.

The intensely anti-Zionist Philip Weiss, who runs the website Mondoweiss, said Trump was using the strike to gain campaign contributions from wealthy Jews: “Look who is pleased by the attack, Israel. No doubt Sheldon Adelson, Trump’s biggest donor at well over $100 million to Republican causes, is also pleased by the strike.”

We have complained about linking to these websites for YEARS.

The 20 defining comedy sketches of the past 20 years


Eliyahu Hanavi

אֵלִיָהוּ הַנָבִיא, אֵלִיָהוּ הַתִּשְׁבִּי, אֵלִיָהוּ הַגִלְעָדִי בִּמְהֵרָה יָבוֹא אֵלֵינוּ עִם מָשִׁיחַ בֶּן דָוִד

Eliyahu Hanavie, Eliyahu Hatishbi, Elyahu Hagiladi, Bimherah Yavo Elenu Im Mashiach Ben David.

Elijah the Prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah the Giladite, May he soon come to us, with Mashiach (messiah) the son of David.

Please ignore the automated translation.

This is the melody of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

India is the most racist country in the world.

1. India 43.6 64.3
2 Lebanon 36.3 64.4
3 Bahrain 31.1 85.7
4 Libya 54.0 33.5
5 Egypt N/A 39.7
6 Philippines 30.6 49.1
7 Kuwait 28.1 37.9
8 Palestine 44.0 32.0
9 South Africa 19.6 61.8
10 South Korea 29.6 36.5



Anglo and Latin countries most tolerant.
India and Jordan by far the least tolerant.
Wide, interesting variation across Europe.
The Middle East not so tolerant. (Except Israel)
Racial tolerance low in diverse Asian countries.
South Korea, not very tolerant, is an outlier.
Pakistan, remarkably tolerant, also an outlier.


El Chapo: gun battles erupt in Mexican city after arrest of drug boss's son

Intense fighting has erupted in the Mexican city of Culiacán, where masked gunmen threw up burning barricades and traded gunfire with security forces after the arrest of one of the sons of the jailed former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

Images shared on social media showed trucks with mounted heavy machine guns patrolling the city streets. Another clip showed a gunman with an assault rifle shooting at an unknown target against a soundtrack of continuous gunfire.

Local media also reported that at least one of the main roads out of the city towards the port of Mazatlán was blocked by a barricade of burning trucks, while others were closed by the army.

The battles raged for several hours before the security and public protection secretary, Alfonso Durazo, read a written statement confirming the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán López, one of the infamous drug baron’s lesser-known sons.


The United Nations won't even call Turkey an occupying power

The only country that earns that distinction is Israel.

Unsettled: A Global Study Of Settlements In Occupied Territories

The ongoing Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus constitutes one of the most substantial settlement enterprises today, and is particularly notable in that it takes place within the territory of the European Union. The majority of the territory’s population now consists of settlers, with a substantial ongoing influx (which does not appear to be the case in Western Sahara). Settlers have received substantial assistance and incentives from the Turkish government, though the extent of inducement has varied over time. Moreover, the influx of settlers has been at a direct cost of displacement and dispossession of the prior Greek inhabitants.

Despite this, no international organization and no state (aside from the Republic of Cyprus)140 have described the settlement program as a violation of the Geneva Convention, or otherwise illegal.141 Similarly, the ICC prosecutor is authorized to—and has been asked by Cypriot refugees—to investigate war crimes on the island dating back to 2002, but apparently the Turkish settlement project has not merited her attention (see Kontorovich 2014).

This is particularly notable because the European Union is an active and consistent critic of what it sees as illegal settlement activity elsewhere, but it has not used similar expressions regarding the legality of Turkish settlement activity in European territory. It is particularly notable that issues of legality under the Geneva Conventions have not been raised, because the Turkish invasion itself, as well as the settler influx, has been subject to criticism. One cannot say the international community overlooked the issue, or that countries were silent for political reasons. Thus, proposals to condemn Turkish settlement activity have repeatedly been raised at in the EU Parliament and other bodies, but have not been adopted. For example, both the UN General Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have raised the issue of Turkish settlement activities,142 but have not said they violate international law. Indeed, PACE (the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) has suggested that it is a purely political, rather than a legal problem, as it called on the “Turkish-Cypriot administration” to “keep the arrival of aliens … under control,” as opposed to banning it.143

Finally, the fate of Turkish settlers received considerable attention in the UN-backed peace proposals for the island. Despite significant Greek Cypriot insistence on the removal of at least a substantial portion of settlers, the various proposals did not directly require the removal of any settlers, and instead required that the majority receive citizenship in a unified Cyprus, with the remainder being able to stay as residents. That the UN rejected more aggressive removal ideas at the expense of Greek support for the deal again emphasizes the lack of an evident international understanding that such removal is a legal obligation.


Israeli flag defaced with swastika found at Cape Cod synagogue

BOSTON (JTA) — An Israeli flag defaced with a swastika and white supremacist symbols was found on the grounds of a Cape Cod synagogue hours after the end of Yom Kippur.

Police are investigating the incident at Falmouth Jewish Congregation after being notified by the synagogue’s rabbi, Elias Lieberman, who found the flag on Thursday morning, the Cape Cod Times reported.

Lieberman said the incident occurred between the end of Yom Kippur on Wednesday night and the following morning. He believes the defaced flag, spray painted with a red swastika over the flag’s Star of David and with the numbers 14 and 88, symbols that refer to Hitler and white supremacy, may have been left elsewhere, perhaps in the synagogue’s courtyard, and was blown to the bushes by wind.


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