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Member since: Sat Dec 13, 2008, 09:06 AM
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It seems as if they are already making excuses for her lack of enthusiasm

they've turned into little conservatives selling fear of a Trump or Cruz presidency when in fact their true fear is change. They have been conditioned to accept terrible deals by democrats, because they were democrats. They learned to praise those crappy deals by democrats, and defend them with much might. They learned to ignore negatives of an issue or a candidate , all so they could be a "real dem".
I see Americans of the democratic right, yes it is what you are if you support Hillary's policies, speak of long time democratic principles as being pie in the sky. I see them condone an immediate reduction of the minimum wage fight, then praise her effort for fighting. I see them complain about wars, yet not take one ounce of responsibility for her part that led to those wars. conflicts. regime changes. Coups. I have no desire to align with people of that nature. I am sure you would understand, if capable.
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