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Moostache's Journal
Moostache's Journal
August 3, 2017

Appreciation Thread for my departed grandmother - Jane Hruskoci - 26Nov1922 - 02Aug2017

My family has lost our matriarch this evening to pneumonia and old age. She was 96 years old and has been fading away from us with dementia for the last 5 years plus. It is still hard to deal with the finality and the arrangements and loss.

She was a fantastic grandmother in my childhood and I have a ton of fantastic memories to cherish for the rest of my days. Just a silent thought and remembrance for Grandma...I will always love you and remember fondly the lessons and time you spent with me.

Pass swiftly and rest soundly knowing that your family carries on in your memory, today and for all the days to come after.

March 17, 2017

LEAKED: Trump's apology to Obama for false wiretapping claims

(which should be obvious once you read "apology" and "Trump" in the same place...

"My fellow Americans, recently I made some unsubstantiated allegations about the former President and the recently concluded election
{edit/redline - DJT - "which I won bigly, more bigly than anyone else ever has in like forever"}.

It has become clear that I was misinformed by a report
{edit/redline - DJT - "from those terrible people in the fake media, just awful, bad hombres, all of them"}

that led me to believe that illegal activities may have been going on, when in fact they were not
{edit/redline - DJT - "except for the ones that I am still hearing about that you would not believe, terrible things that we have got to get to the bottom of folks, got to get to the bottom of"} .

As your president, I have to be able to effectively communicate....
{edit/scribbled in crayon and then audible - DJT - OK, cut this off...you're fired (in crayon)....I'll just write it myself or have Bannon tell that clown Spicer to go back out there and look like a fool again...I can't believe how dumb that little bitch is....he really is a bitch, but I couldn't ever grab that or move on him, he is like a 3 or maybe a 4 and you can't be seen with something like that in public....has anyone seen my red tie?....no, the one with the scotch tape on it...}

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