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Moostache's Journal
Moostache's Journal
October 7, 2019

Moscow Mitch's Nightmare scenario...

1) Trump is impeached.
2) Pressure builds as more and more articles are voted out...
3) GOP support for Trump evaporates.
4) Pence is also caught-up in Ukrainian corruption and dirty dealing for porfits.
5) Pence is also impeached before he can be seated as POTUS.
6) Pelosi ascends to POTUS
7) Thomas ends up failing health and leves SCOTUS
8) Pelosi immediately nominates Garland to his rightful seat.
9) RBG decides to retire under President Pelosi and is replaced with a 38 year old liberal woman.

Now, of course Moscow Mitch would try to block any SCOTUS appointments (even though he said THIS year that if an opening comes up, 'we would fill it')...and the calculus for removing Trump is entirely based on NEVER allowing President Pelosi to become reality...but damn would that be sweet retribution to the Republicans that sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver!

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