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Moostache's Journal
Moostache's Journal
October 22, 2021

Sorry...need to vent / howl at the moon (NOT about TFG either)

I was awoken this morning by my wife saying "I need you to come downstairs right now"...that in and of itself was ominous.
So, I am panicky...last night, my oldest daughter had an ER visit due to slicing her thumb open where it hits the palm and my wife was with her until almost midnight as a result. I immediately started thinking something was wrong with her and began to get light-headed and that sick hollow gut feeling too.

Then my wife tells me - "someone stole your car...".
Out of our driveway, between 12:30 AM and 6:00 AM.

Now, there is more to this...I got really distracted last night and as a result of that, my key fob for the car was left in the cup holder, underneath a rag that I had used to dust off the dash after spilling soda on it while driving. Between an impending overseas trip, my daughter's mishap with her thumb and getting the groceries out of the trunk, I simply forgot to grab the keys.

By the time I realized this after my wife told me about the theft, I just got sick to my stomach. This is such a violation of my sense of security and peace of mind...I mean for god's sake, one freaking bad night turned into an unbelievable nightmare and I just needed to let off steam because I was in a blind rage earlier and nothing good can come of that state of anger I was in.

OK...I need to go try and get calmed down before I give myself a heart attack here...what a crappy morning.

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