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Name: Ernie Ferguson
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Plano, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Plano, TX
Member since: Thu Apr 30, 2009, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 946

Journal Archives

Very glad that you found relief

I have a chiropractor that was a physical therapist. He does things that no other chiropractor does.

That excruciating treatment was to get the fascia of your muscles to release. When it gets tight like that it causes pain and weakness that you describe.

The deep tissue massage that your therapist did hurts like hell, but when it is over youíre essentially cured.

My chiropractor cured my plantar fasciitis while my former podiatrist gave me 3 ineffectual steroid injections and recommended rhizotomy (nerve ablation). It took 5 visits but the plantar fasciitis has not returned.

Old bodies (Iím about to turn 64) do some really weird things that are very serious in terms of mobility and daily function.

Glad you found the right person.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon Jul 8, 2019, 04:38 PM (0 replies)


Posted by Moral Compass | Mon Jul 8, 2019, 11:03 AM (0 replies)

Not a peep out of Trump

The Usurper has been conspicuously silent. He just canít be the bigger man.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon Jul 8, 2019, 10:39 AM (0 replies)

Trump's Brownshirts

I grow weary of Nazi comparisonsóbut this show fits too exactly.

Posted by Moral Compass | Tue Jul 2, 2019, 11:48 AM (0 replies)
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