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Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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My guess.... General Kelly will run for President against tRump in 2020.

He's too calm and calculated these days...We all know tRump is NOT running America... Kelly is instilling confidence where is is none from the current president or vice president...

Anyone else sense this?

On Netflix... Watched for first time all seasons of Walking Dead...

Excellent series! I thought it might of been a syfi zombies only kind of show...To my surprise it has moral conflict, good battles, amazing antagonist...just many layers....Good Series...Glad I took the time... Looking forward to Season 8.

I would support Howard Dean for Vermont's US Senator...

I would so appreciate it if Howard Dean ran against Bernie Sanders for 2018...

Here's a twisted thought I had....Comey wore a wire?

My chess game thinking, Comey was wearing a wire when he went to the White House for the last visit...there is indeed a tape...
Comey already felt extremely uncomfortable with the White House Mafia ...he may of outplayed tRump ...

Just a feeling...no trail or anything beyond my thoughts on
, " What would Farpoint do?"...

Hypothetical....If Trump submits his resignation, will President Pence give him a full Pardon?

If so, then does the truth seeking end? What say you folks!

Trumps speech at the Coast Guard yesterday had a feeling of uneasiness and surrender.

Boston's restaurants... What do you recommend?

I have a friend going to Boston on Tuesday for business...What " good eats" restaurant would you recommend? Not necessarily the traditional famous but the hidden gems of Boston.

The USA wins GOLD at the Bocuse dOr' in Lyon France..



Coached by Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud...USA Team....

My grandson trained last January to end of May at Per Se in NYC under Thomas Keller...the USA Team also practiced there then..

My grandson was chosen by Thomas Keller as a culinary student Intern...a very difficult assignment and high honor; he had to do a cooking demonstration called a stage'......He is now finishing his Bachelors at New England Culinary Institute in Vermont....

He feels so excited for the USA Team....he even knew they won before I did! That is progress.

In my opinion... Donating to Jill Stein for a Re-Count is a Potential Scam of sorts.

I voice caution here....We as Democrats are extremely emotionally vulnerable...we always talk about he gods fight.... we are great grassroots donors. We are perfect for the picking and draining of our little wallets....Opportunist smell the pain we are experiencing...

I would love to have a re-count, change the outcome as I feel there has been voter tampering....That said, we also need to have a Democratic leader take the recount option ...not a candidate that was an election spoiler, knowing she was a spoiler....I don't trust Stein....

Buyer Beware in my opinion.

Just a thought.. how is our Overseas Expat voting going?

We have absentee ballots to be evaluated for Military, ExPats registered American voters we have yet to include in the overall status. Trump is essentially detested all over the world....I think this voting group had a positive impact for Hillary.

What does everyone else think?

Electorial College Question here....

Are all the states a winner takes all or are some states splitting their electorial votes; dividing based on percentage of votes?
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