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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 12:55 PM
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This is probably the most insane and ignorant thing he's done in front of an audience of all ages, despite the wealth of examples to choose from. As a "role model" he's been a complete bust all along. Younger children (and they're getting "wise" earlier and earlier) probably pick up on his R rated language before anything else. Trump has absolutely no dignity or sense of what is appropriate for the average adult male, let alone the POTUS. I've actually not seen it and really don't need to do so. His "base" are truly deplorable if they can condone his increasingly erratic behavior. If he's reelected, I'm sure he'll feel free to go X rated in his language and behavior in a second term,

I'm still trying to get this straight.

An already very privileged man was one of those instrumental in decimating our economy and outsourcing jobs in order to achieve unbelievable profit for those who already had more money than they could possibly spend in several lifetimes. I've heard theories that this was mostly about getting more goodies than your competitors. To hell with national and world economy. The nerve of one of those vultures running for the presidency is breathtaking. The low information voters letting side issues contribute to their votes makes decimation of our system a major problem at issue in this election. Add in uncontrolled electronic voting machines, and don't we need some international election monitors?
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