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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2009, 10:52 PM
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Outer Space

This video gave me serious chills. Just beautiful...

I found the video over at the Bad Astronomers blog here.

The events depicted take days, even weeks to play out. Yet somehow, the quick shots and fast cuts ó necessary because in many cases there really arenít very many images to play with ó add to the majesty and grandeur of what you see. I suppose thatís no more paradoxical than having canvases far bigger than Earth, yet loaded with detail packed into those vast frameworks.

The Universe is magnificent on every scale, both in space and time. Thatís one of the reasons I like working there.

Atheism in 60 seconds.

I can't say I agree with TAA 100% of the time, but far more often than not for sure, and this video sums up the way I see atheism very nicely!
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