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Member since: Thu Jul 23, 2009, 11:57 AM
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About Republican messaging and Republican voters I know...

(CousinIT = @sevenbowie on Twitter, FYI. Bungled my chance to change the name here on DU when it was offered.) . I posted this rant here but decided to make it a separate post.


1/ Republican messaging doesn't take the long view. But the Koch/CNP- driven objectives do. Look at what they've destroyed (literally our entire Democracy) in the last 50 years.

2/ Their 'I got mine fuck you' attitude, which includes "well it's on my kids and their kids to deal with that! I just want to live long enough to escape it!" (climate change for example). I have a RW sister and brother with these attitudes. STATED. Out loud.

3/ AND they have their single issues: for the brother it's taxes and 'big guvmint' and men's rights. The sister's concerns are 'socialism' and 'abortion'. BECAUSE their single issues are their focus, BOTH of them vote against their own best interests.

4/ BOTH live on social security, VA bennies and other so-called socialism - ALL of which WILL BE CUT/GUTTED/PRIVATIZED under our soon-to-be authoritarian/Nazi regime.

5/ But they CONTINUE voting for the Republicans who are going to do this to them AND everyone else regardless. Because: abortion, socialism, taxes, big guvmint and white people grievance. And WHEN (not if) their social security is cut, gutted or gone, they'll blame DEMOCRATS.

6/ DEMOCRATS - who CREATED social security and Medicare - will be blamed for destroying these beloved programs they created. 👉 Even though it was Republicans who actually shoved them into the woodchipper.
My siblings are not smart, focused or really even thinking people.

7/ My sister is one of those white non-college educated women who absolutely would have voted for Youngkin if she could. Brother is college-educated but driven by GRIEVANCE: against taxes, women, government, and how abused and mistreated white men are in America.

8/ THESE are Republican voters. THESE are their thought processes & motivations. I can confirm because I hear it every time I talk to them. They're killing themselves & everybody else with flaming ignorance and are too stupid to even know it. And too selfish to even give a damn.

DU ActBlue Fundraising links for DNC, DSCC, DCCC

With the slow coup threatening our Democratic Republic, Democrats need all the help we can give them. Of course anyone can donate via ActBlue anyway but this is set up for the DU community.

The links will get buried in GD but here they are:




'The Afghans wouldn't fight for their country". GUESS WHO ELSE won't fight for theirs? Republicans.

Guess who else won't fight for their country. For Democracy - in fact are hellbent on destroying it.

Reference The Big Lie, Trump and January 6th -- and just TODAY for that matter - the terrorist with the truck bomb was one of them. They prefer isolation and extremist propaganda Big Lies that prop themselves up while destroying others - and palling around with Fascist dictators instead of allying with other Democratic leaders in the World. Trump refused to cooperate with America's allies. He insulted them, pissed them off and pissed on them, while cozying up to authoritarian dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Republicans in America don't want a 'Western way of life' either (Democracy, a Republic or anything even resembling that). They want an authoritarian dictatorship. Tuckems has been ALL OVER Fox Ohhhing and Aaahing over how Hungary did it. Did I mention January 6th yet? Too bad I'm mentioning it again. What the fuck were those assholes fighting for? It DAMN SURE wasn't America. Or Democracy. Or a Democratic Republic. Or a 'Western' way of life.

Come to think of it, Republicans in America have an awful lot in common with the Taliban (which is why I call them the American Taliban):

1. They want a government based on theocracy (their own extreme biblical interpretations) rather than a Constitution or Bill of Rights.

2. They want complete control over their subjects, even to the point of demanding (legislating in fact) that they not take steps to protect themselves, their children or others from a deadly pandemic that is killing people by the hundreds of thousands. They are against public health policy.

3. They are corrupt to the core and break laws with utter impunity on a daily basis, considering themselves exempt as part of their white privilege. They insist others follow those laws though - when it is politically advantageous to Republicans to grouse that others are as guilty as they are in not doing so. Usually, they're just projecting because - well Goebbels taught that this is a very handy distraction and it works. (always accuse the other side of that which you are guilty).

4. They are habitual liars that would make deals with ANYONE only to subsequently stab them in the back for power or money. ANYONE. They can not be trusted in any way with anything and they prefer dealing with others who have the same attitude to play zero sum games with.

5. They are chronically racist, blaming the spread of the pandemic we are currently amidst of on 'immigrants' and 'blacks'. Along with most everything else.

6. They are chronically sexist and would oppress women in the US just like the Taliban does if they can get away with it. When they tire of blaming brown people for all their grievances, they blame women for them.

7. The believe LGBTQ people should be denied all human rights or killed.

8. They do not BELIEVE (never have in fact) in free and fair elections. They prefer installed authoritarian dictators. Ones that THEY ALONE choose.

9. Bearded men with guns. LOTS of them.

SEE what I mean?

IMPOSTERS by Steve Benen (producer of Rachel Maddow's show & Maddow Blog)

So, I'm listening to this book on Audible and had some commentary - some it directed at a couple of either sadly misinformed or entirely indifferent Democrats who refuse to abolish the filibuster to save our Democracy from Republicans who are quickly dismantling it to regain/retain power:


The US Senate cannot function AT ALL as a legislative or deliberative body because Democrats are the ONLY party interested in legislation or policy on behalf of Americans. Republican are ONLY interested in obtaining and retaining POWER. (1)

At ANY cost. Including systematically dismantling Democracy state by state, which is precisely what Republicans are doing: Enacting massive voter suppression legislation in 44 states and in many of those, also adding legislation that ... (2)

... allows Republican legislatures to OVERTURN THE WILL OF THE VOTERS if GOP legislatures dislike the election outcome in their states. Republicans have ZERO INTEREST in governing, policy or legislating to help We The People have better lives in America. (3)

THE WORST PART of all this is that @SenateDems @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema @SenSchumer @VP ARE HELPING REPUBLICANS DISMANTLE OUR DEMOCRACY STATE BY STATE by REFUSING to abolish the filibuster in order to pass CRUCIAL voting rights legislation. (4)

Let me repeat: REPUBLICANS are dismantling Democracy to regain and retain power. DEMOCRATS are HELPING them by REFUSING to abolish a racist Senate rule so crucial voting rights legislation can be passed to STOP the dismantling of our Democracy by Republicans. (5)

The longer this piddling ridiculousness drags out the more difficult it will be to UNdo the destruction to voting rights and our Democracy in the US. It's INCONCEIVABLE that DEMOCRATS are allowing what Republicans are doing but they are! (6)

Republicans LONG AGO dropped any interest in policy or legislating, preferring instead to just pump out propaganda, charlatanism, snake oil, hashtags, conspiracy theories to rile up their base & extract money from them for nothing. (7)

The ONLY POLITICAL PARTY IN AMERICA that has ANY interest at all in creating policy and crafting and enacting legislation to help the American People live their lives in prosperity, health and safety are DEMOCRATS. Dems are the ONLY party even talking about policy anymore. (8)

Republicans "win" by cheating and contrived political circus shows - by ginning up culture wars in lieu of offering the American people any ideas or any policy proposals or legislation that would make their collective lives better. (9)

Republicans do protect and prop up big corporations and billionaires but those are evidently the only constituents Republicans give a damn at all about and without the river of underground dark money coming from that class, they'd be as indifferent to them as the rest of us. (10)

Do @SenateDems @SenSchumer @VP @SenatorSinema @Sen_JoeManchin EVEN HAVE AN IOTA OF A CLUE what kind of opponent they are dealing with when they refuse to abolish an unconstitutional senate rule to save Democracy? (11)

Republicans are not a party that does policy, ideas or legislation anymore. They ONLY care about getting & staying in power AT ANY COST. That is their ONLY priority. Not devising policy or passing legislation that serves Americans. And they are DESTROYING DEMOCRACY to do it. (12)

WHO HAS THE INSIGHT, WISDOM AND BACKBONE TO STOP THEM? Anyone? There is ONE. WAY: ABOLISH THE FILIBUSTER and pass S1 NOW. We have NO TIME TO WASTE! @SenateDems @SenSchumer @VP @SenatorSinema @Sen_JoeManchin (13)

- you either are unaware of how dire a situation this is and who your Republican opponents truly are, or you just DON'T CARE. Either way, it's UNACCEPTABLE.
U N A C C E P T A B L E.
UNCONSCIONABLE and unacceptable. (14)

THIS - HAS ALREADY HAPPENED - about a decade ago:

"If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy." - David Frum

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