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Member since: Thu Jul 23, 2009, 11:57 AM
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'The Afghans wouldn't fight for their country". GUESS WHO ELSE won't fight for theirs? Republicans.

Guess who else won't fight for their country. For Democracy - in fact are hellbent on destroying it.

Reference The Big Lie, Trump and January 6th -- and just TODAY for that matter - the terrorist with the truck bomb was one of them. They prefer isolation and extremist propaganda Big Lies that prop themselves up while destroying others - and palling around with Fascist dictators instead of allying with other Democratic leaders in the World. Trump refused to cooperate with America's allies. He insulted them, pissed them off and pissed on them, while cozying up to authoritarian dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Republicans in America don't want a 'Western way of life' either (Democracy, a Republic or anything even resembling that). They want an authoritarian dictatorship. Tuckems has been ALL OVER Fox Ohhhing and Aaahing over how Hungary did it. Did I mention January 6th yet? Too bad I'm mentioning it again. What the fuck were those assholes fighting for? It DAMN SURE wasn't America. Or Democracy. Or a Democratic Republic. Or a 'Western' way of life.

Come to think of it, Republicans in America have an awful lot in common with the Taliban (which is why I call them the American Taliban):

1. They want a government based on theocracy (their own extreme biblical interpretations) rather than a Constitution or Bill of Rights.

2. They want complete control over their subjects, even to the point of demanding (legislating in fact) that they not take steps to protect themselves, their children or others from a deadly pandemic that is killing people by the hundreds of thousands. They are against public health policy.

3. They are corrupt to the core and break laws with utter impunity on a daily basis, considering themselves exempt as part of their white privilege. They insist others follow those laws though - when it is politically advantageous to Republicans to grouse that others are as guilty as they are in not doing so. Usually, they're just projecting because - well Goebbels taught that this is a very handy distraction and it works. (always accuse the other side of that which you are guilty).

4. They are habitual liars that would make deals with ANYONE only to subsequently stab them in the back for power or money. ANYONE. They can not be trusted in any way with anything and they prefer dealing with others who have the same attitude to play zero sum games with.

5. They are chronically racist, blaming the spread of the pandemic we are currently amidst of on 'immigrants' and 'blacks'. Along with most everything else.

6. They are chronically sexist and would oppress women in the US just like the Taliban does if they can get away with it. When they tire of blaming brown people for all their grievances, they blame women for them.

7. The believe LGBTQ people should be denied all human rights or killed.

8. They do not BELIEVE (never have in fact) in free and fair elections. They prefer installed authoritarian dictators. Ones that THEY ALONE choose.

9. Bearded men with guns. LOTS of them.

SEE what I mean? 
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