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The DNC Data Breach: An Analysis

The DNC Data Breach: An Analysis

First and foremost, the Sanders campaign did not hack the DNC database. The DNC vendor negligently altered (one way or another) the database access parameters. The ‘firewall’ in this case is just ‘parameter and security settings’. One setting says ‘given a user access code, here is what data you are allowed to access’.

The Sanders campaign informed the DNC in October that their usercodes permitted access to all campaign data. Was this just a DNC test to see what the Sanders campaign staff would do? Of course it was. The Sanders campaign staff did the right thing in October.

Let’s also note that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC are in bed with the Clinton campaign. There is so much obvious evidence to support this: the debates, DWS denying data access to the Sanders campaign, DWS rhetoric about this instance. They would do anything to help the Clinton campaign.

Is this just cover for the Clinton campaign? There is no doubt in my mind that the Clinton campaign stole Sanders and O’Malley’s data. Clinton has little to no integrity or trustworthiness and a plot like this is not beyond their tactics. “I’ll do the actual stealing of data and them blame Sanders”.

Remember that the DNC is tasked with securing the data. It is private data – not public data. The DNC and their vendor can selectively produce any evidence they want, including access logs. Note that the audit is a compiled document – a person had to read the actual audit log and interpret the data into an easy to read format.

The Sanders campaign and the public will never know what really happened because the data, audit log, and internal database workings is supplied by the DNC.

It is very suspect that the database was ‘opened up’ to all campaign access right before the debates. The DNC and the Clinton campaign had from October to plan the next data breach. It is my belief that the DNC/Clinton ‘persuaded’ the Sanders’ staffer to, this time, access the data and ‘store it’. This was the staffer who was immediately fired. Money does talk and the staffer obviously had no integrity.

What did it gain for the Clinton campaign? Clinton’s trustworthiness is in the toilet – Sanders is highly respected and trusted. What a clever way to ‘cast doubt’ on Sanders...

Every media outlet plastered the airways with the so-called ‘Sanders’ data breach. The news media purposefully reported this in such a way as to harm the Sanders campaign: the informative quotes from the Sanders campaign spokesman were not aired, but rather non-informational quotes. You also see the media run with the compiled audit as if it was 100% factual. Once again, the DNC and their vendor compiled the audit.

You see, the news media has a lot riding on who wins these campaigns. The networks make a ton of money on political advertising. And who has the most money to spend? – correct, the republicans and Clinton. It’s all about the money. And absolutely nothing gets in the way when it comes to money.

We will never know what really happened because the DNC&Clinton are the ones who own the data and the ones who provide the information about that really happened.

This was nothing more than a DNC/Clinton entrapment plot that Senator Sanders has to ‘apologize’ for. It was his staffers, with questionable integrity, that access the data and they were fired.

Just more dirty politics against the first statesperson in along time to be running for president. The real crime lies with the corrupt DNC who allowed this data access to occur.
Posted by TheProgressive | Sun Dec 20, 2015, 02:52 PM (48 replies)
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