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Farage says Brexit party will contest every seat in Britain if Tories do not agree to pact

BBC highlights from Farage's announcement in Hartlepool:

Farage says the only way to solve the Brexit impasse is to create a leave alliance.

That does not just mean Tories and the Brexit party, he says. He says there are other leavers who might join.

He says, if that were to happen, they could become, as President Trump said yesterday, “an unstoppable force”.

If that does not happen, the Brexit party will be the only party standing up for Brexit.

He says it will make sure that every house in the land gets information about how the deal is a sell-out.

And he says the party will contest every seat in Britain.


I'd put the chances of the Tories agreeing a pact with the Brexit Party as vanishingly small, so I guess it's game on, unless Farage is just bluffing, though he'll find it very hard to back away from his utter condemnation of Johnson's deal today.

It sounds like Johnson's going to be at the pointy end of a many-pronged attack ...

Claims No 10 'sitting on' Russian interference report

The report includes evidence from UK intelligence services concerning Russian attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum and 2017 general election.

The document, compiled by the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, was referred to the Prime Minister's office on 17 October but, unless it is cleared for publication by the beginning of next week, it will not be released before the UK goes to the polls on 12 December.
Previous disclosures would suggest that these Russian activities did not match the scale of those directed against the 2016 US presidential election, and even in that case, there is considerable debate about how far people were actually influenced by these actions.

However the sense that No 10 might be uncomfortable with the emergence of the Intelligence and Security Committee's report prior to the election may prove more significant than the evidence it actually contains.


I had a sudden pang of nostalgia for the times when we lefties used to be accused of being Russian-funded, quickly followed by jealousy because nobody I knew ever received a penny.

Meanwhile in foreign election interference news, Trump had a phone interview on Farage's LBC show yesterday:

Donald Trump has criticised Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with the EU, saying it restricts the US's ability to do future trade with the UK.

Speaking to LBC, he said that, without the deal, the two countries could "do many times the numbers" than now.

The US president also took a swipe at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying he would be "so bad" as prime minister.

Mr Corbyn accused him of "trying to interfere" in the UK general election to boost "his friend Boris Johnson".


Trump is due to visit the UK again to attend the 70th anniversary NATO summit a week or so before the election.
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