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An idiot abroad

The context is Johnson's US visit after the diplomatic hoo-ha with France over the UKAUSUS defence pact announcement.

Here's Johnson gibbering in broken Franglais on a lawn somewhere in DC:


Kitty Donaldson

Boris Johnson, speaking outside the Capitol, says it’s time for the French to “prenez un grip” and “donnez-moi un break” after the spat over a U.K. submarine deal with the U.S. and Australia

[Twitter video]

Meanwhile, in Adultland ...


Julian Borger

In White House readout of Biden-Macron call, Potus admits fault in AUKUS handling "The two leaders agreed that the situation would have benefitted from open consultations among allies on matters of strategic interest to France and our European partners." Will meet next month.

Jimmy Savile's Glencoe cottage set to be demolished after vote by locals

A COTTAGE that was once owned by Jimmy Savile is set to be demolished after locals backed the move in an online consultation.

The forum was set up by the Glencoe property’s current owner, the family of retail tycoon Harris Aslam.

It was originally purchased at auction after Savile’s death for £212,000 with the buyer intending to live there.

It has been repeatedly vandalised with slogans over the years since his death.

The depraved paedophile is believed to have abused up to 20 people inside his remote lair nestled in the Highlands.


I'm glad the new owner took the step of running a local public consultation. Human-made landmarks are thin on the ground as you journey through Glencoe (well, since the massacre, anyway), and this cottage has been one of the most prominent for many years, even before Savile lived there (it was once the home of mountain rescue pioneer Hamish MacInnes).

A cynic might say that the opportunity of a razed brownfield site in that prized location with the prospect of building a modern, presumably more spacious des res will suit the owner well. But the cottage's very stones are soaked in the misdeeds that were plotted there, in what has long been a very beautiful, but to some people at times brooding and sinister, part of the world even before Savile became infamous. I wonder if a new build will be able to erase that plot's recent history?
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