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Emrys's Journal
Emrys's Journal
August 28, 2023

A label of "elite" from Putin seems the equivalent of a red tunic in Star Trek's original series

The parade of elite Russian forces dispatched and disposed of in Ukraine looks set to continue:

March 3, 2022: Putin Thought Ukraine Would Fall Quickly. An Airport Battle Proved Him Wrong.

March 18, 2022: Russian state TV confirms death of regional airborne forces commander in Ukraine

May 26, 2022: Russian tactical failures in Ukraine extend to airborne forces, UK says

May 27, 2022: Elite Kremlin troops ‘poorly equipped’ for Ukraine war

August 3, 2022: 8.5K Russian Airborne Troops Wounded in Ukraine, Commander Says

August 21, 2022: Russian paratroopers facing crippling morale, severe losses in Ukraine

September 1, 2022: Russia Lost 900 ‘Elite’ Soldiers in Ukraine Fighting — Report

October 25, 2022: Elite Russian Intelligence Unit Suffers Major Losses in Ukraine – BBC

November 24, 2022: Vladimir Putin sending elite airborne troops in bid to stop Ukrainian breakthrough in east, says UK

December 16, 2022: ‘Wiped out’: War in Ukraine has decimated a once feared Russian brigade The bloody fate of the 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade is emblematic of Vladimir Putin’s derailed invasion plans

February 1, 2023: Half of Putin’s elite airborne troops ‘wiped out’ in just six months

February 7, 2023: After bloody failures in Ukraine, Russians are reconsidering the role of their military's 'elite' paratroopers

March 21, 2023: Russia’s most elite troops use Soviet-era paper maps

March 23, 2023: Putin's top troops are being 'decimated' as Russia relies too much on so-called 'elite' forces to wage war in Ukraine

August 28, 2023

It depends how you use it.

I'm entirely read-only, so I'm basically a fee rider who costs Musk money. The only traces of my use I leave are blocking the ads that interperse some threads and muting or blocking those whose tweets I choose not to see for various reasons.

I do selectively post tweets if I think they're significant enough to outweigh any considerations of sending traffic Musk's way, but I always include transcripts and standalone versions of any images I can isolate, so it's individual DUers' choice whether they click through.

I also sometimes post roundups of memes found on Twitter on specific momentous occasions, which people seem to enjoy a lot. I directly link the Twitter images, so they're basically a drain on Twitter without adding any traffic that can be used as a selling point to Musk's advertisers (I'm sure Musk would love to ban this sort of hotlinking, but so far it doesn't seem to have crossed the threshold of his ketamine-addled consciousness, and it might be tricky to do without unintended consequences anyway).

The information I find on Twitter after a few years of building up trusted sources can be used to counter Musk's various agendas. The tweets I see are generally overwhelmingly hostile to Musk in ways that exceed anything you'll find on DU.

August 16, 2023

Well, coming from you, I gained the impression you wanted Ukraine to surrender ages ago.

Your glib framing of a complex situation in an ongoing war as "Neither side is winning" says it all.

What do you suggest they negotiate?

Immunity for Putin and his henchmen for the massive war crimes they've committed and are still committing daily?

If so, you'd reward criminality on a grand scale.

Ceding of Ukrainian territory to Russia?

Look at what it's done in the territory it's already temporarily holding and populations it's subjugated. Repression, torture, rape, mutilation, murder, crushing of dissidence, use of people as human shields, kidnapping of children, basically genocide.

Any prospect that Russia could stage a "peaceful" occupation of Ukraine was snuffed out by its conduct in Bucha and other conurbations.

So ceding would again reward wanton criminality and give no guarantees of a better life for anyone in the region, and would just postpone further hostilities against a better-prepared Russia.

And how would you enforce any settlement that might be negotiated?

Putin never saw a treaty he wasn't happy to flout. Tune in to the Russian airwaves on a daily basis, translated by the likes of Julia Davis, and you'll see that the Putin regime's agenda is bloodthirsty imperialism on a far grander scale than it's attempting currently.

More crucially, repeated opinion polls have shown no appetite for capitulation among Ukrainians themselves. How would you intend to impose any settlement that the population doesn't want, indeed fears?

August 7, 2023

On Trump and the attitudes of January 6 invaders to his squealing and squirming

We heard a while back that some of those who were being prosecuted, some jailed, for their parts in the events of January 6 weren't feeling too happy with Trump having marooned them in legal quagmires.

I wonder how his latest bouts of "poor me" whining are going down with them? I'm talking mainly about those who've been charged and/or sentenced, not the rump of his uninvolved cheerleaders who have little skin if any in the game.

I don't recall him discussing publicly any of those who've faced legal consequences, let alone offering any defence of them - if I'm wrong in that, please correct me.

It's all about him, him, him, and how unfair it is that he's also being held to account and facing consequences for his own actions and what he provoked others to do.

Some participants have expressed betrayal that he'd led them to war from the rear, then not followed through on the day itself and the days following.

As his self-serving protests grow in volume, is it too much to hope that the fact he's a pathetic cowardly specimen who cares about nothing and nobody but his own interests and himself will become so blatantly obvious that he sheds support, or even provokes open contempt and hostility?

This has already happened to an extent among the politicians ensnared with him, and if rumours are to believed, possibly among his more influential family members.

Could it spread to what has been his wider base?

August 3, 2023

Twitter memes of the day

Note: These were all collected from the hashtag #TrumpArraignment - I have a LOT of RW trolls and MAGA types blocked on Twitter, but even so, I didn't see a single pro-Trump tweet on that hashtag.

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