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Angry Dragon

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Minnesota
Home country: USA
Current location: Lost in the world
Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2009, 06:25 AM
Number of posts: 36,693

Journal Archives

Job Creators

Republicans talk all the time about job creators, about how we should bow down to them.

I say, If they are really job creators then it should be no problem for them to just go out and create job.

The government says we need more jobs; the job creators just create more jobs. Then we are told that is not the way it works. So I guess what they are saying that they are not really job creators.

Funny ………… we are told one thing by republicans but in reality that is not the truth………..

The Tower of Babel

It has been said by many that the people of the world need to learn how to work together and love one another.

At one time we had this. The people of the world all spoke the same language and were working toward a common goal. They were building a tower to get closer to their god.

It has been told that god was angry about this and took away the common language of men, destroyed the tower, and cast man to the ends of the world.

It begs the question then of who is to blame for the troubles of the world.

What are your thoughts??
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