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Time to update the term: Gas-lighting -- Trump-lighting

This is a perfect example of trump-lighting:

It was amazing to hear him boast that nobody had left while he spoke, even as he watched them walking out the doors and then to hear him predict that the media would report people had left, as if it were untrue.

So true, so darned true! This is a quintessential example of trump-lighting.

You can't hide, your lying eyes

Socialism : I don't think you know what that means

This is a high crime. I don't care if Obama did it, I don't care if Yo Momma did it

Such blatant crimes against humans and humanity must not go unpunished.

In other words: CRASS

crass :
insensitive, stupid, gross, blundering, dense, coarse, witless, boorish, obtuse, unrefined, asinine, indelicate, oafish, lumpish, doltish


Both branches of congress turned down his request. FULL STOP.

Try landing without permission at a major airport, you'll lose your ticket in a big hurry.

Try landing at a military airport without permission (even for an emergency), you'll be in jail -- or dead.


Cool Yet why are there so many regressive and hateful people in government ?

What are the conditions that encourage and allow the creation and election of so many people who are nasty and brutish ?

I predict:In 2100 billionaires will be like slave owners from 1800s -- gone leaving a painful memory

The Slave Flag is clearly beyond racist --- Oh and how about the VJ grabber and creep?

Both should leave and never return.
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