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procon's Journal
procon's Journal
July 4, 2020

Take extra safe care of your dogs this 4th of July holiday.

Cross posted in Pets.

My good girl is terrified of loud sounds and noises, so thunder, gunshots and fireworks, and we get it all, freak her out to the point of panic. She ran off, actually climbed over the chainlink fence in her fear, after hearing gunshots on New Years Eve a few years back and was lost for almost 4 weeks.

I feared she was dead. I live way out in the country and stray dogs get shot or hit by cars, amazingly some kind soul remembered her from seeing a flyer I posted and he called to say she was at his house and secured inside his gate.

I was shocked and screaming hysterically happy as we drove to get her, 4 miles from home. I wept, it was like seeing someone come back from the dead, and she practically was, all skin and bones, but happy to see her people again.

So make sure your dogs, even if they aren't normally scared, are safe inside from dusk to dawn. Those Thundershirts really work, I loaned mine to my sis and it never came back home, so I put my pupper in an old sweatshirt for comfort at least. If you need to take your dog out for a potty break, don't go out without a strong leash and escape proof collar.

Give them a secure spot like their bed or crate, add a blanket to hide under, a fave toy, and place it in a quiet area. If they want to cling to you, a reassuring cuddle will make you both feel better. My dog wants to hide in under our bed, but shes a giant breed and too big to fit more than her head. I fold up some rugs and drape a blanket off the footboard like a tent, so that seems to work for her.

I wonder if lavender scent or some other essential oils would help!

Take care of your dogs, and all your other critters, keep safe everyone!

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