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Profile Information

Name: Greg
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan, Iosco County
Home country: USA
Current location: Hale, Michigan
Member since: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 03:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,648

Journal Archives

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement....

As Democrats we have three excellent candidates.
Just look at the other side. We cajole, we laugh, we are glad that is not our side.

But we,here, are turning into them.

I will support any candidate the Dems put up. I vote my party.

Do I have a thought on who is the better? Of fucking course! Will I slam another's choice?
Yes on the fucking issues! Not anything else.

We will all be better off if a Democrat wins the election. There's too much at stake.

Look at the other side!

All this other shit has got to stop.

I don't post much, I have been here for a loooong time. First as a long time lurker, then I joined.

I come here to get the take on the main issues of our time.

But all this shit that is going down here lately is about supporters, not the ever loving issues.
Try to get real.

I think some people have a fear of change. That ok. Me too. I think some people cannot accept way, way, way differences in political policy, ok! Say that. Face your fears, discuss that, them.
Don't disparage other members for their fears.

This place now reminds me of the steps of grief. Think and listen.

I will never place anyone on ignore, I think it's rude. Just wrong. I need to listen to everyone.
Will I agree? Who knows?

But slamming people for thier beliefs, just not right, not acceptable.

I cannot be here for a great while to respond cuz I kinda got a life outta politics. I need to hike at least five miles a day to keep my fucking dog happy, and I will guess me also

Just remember we are all,in this crap together. We will support each other when we need to.

I love this site, it has made me a more informed and better person. Let's keep that aspect up.

Posted by N_E_1 for Tennis | Wed Nov 11, 2015, 02:12 PM (51 replies)

Hey, for decades, mind you, decades...

We have been looking for a person that would justify our anger.
We, as Dems, have been searching, longing for someone, anyone, to extol our virtues
We have settled in the past. We said oh,ok, the lesser of two evil. But the lesser is still evil.
Is that what we want, need, expect?
That's a loser attitude.
You do not expect to win, anything, anything at all..

Now we are faced with a candidate that expresses that attitude that we embrace. People scream socialism, wrong look, etc. where have we gone wrong, where have we separated?

Rivers have two courses. One being the easy, the normal. The other being a course that may be a little different, a new course, a new way.

Why after all these decades must we continue on the same course?
Why after all these decades must we continue with the same old bull that put us in the situation we are today?
Why cannot we accept a new course? The old doesn't work, that's why we're here.

This country, this world is in danger. We are suffering, calling out for help.
We need to break the absolute control that the corporate world has on us.

We all know the facts about climate change, income inequality, sexual inequality, wage disparity and on and on and on. Our litanty, the Democrat Litany, our beliefs, our souls.

Look deep inside.

I don't post much anymore. I will probably not be here to answer much. Having a huge problem with my water supply. But I had to have my two cents put in. Plumber is calling.
I don't think I can afford this. But we will get through. We survive.
Posted by N_E_1 for Tennis | Mon Sep 21, 2015, 01:16 PM (7 replies)

Every once in a while we need to hear this....

Posted by N_E_1 for Tennis | Mon May 18, 2015, 12:58 PM (3 replies)

Thank you, gentle benefactor.

Valentine's day has alway been a sorry day for me. None or little.
But today I received 2 hearts. I'm overwhelmed. Tears are in my eyes
I expected none, there was no sweat.

But to receive two in one day, I'm here forever. Thx. Love ya guys.
Posted by N_E_1 for Tennis | Sun Feb 15, 2015, 05:19 PM (3 replies)
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