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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 8,628

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Thank you. My key chain says "mean people suck." I spend my time now with very few

People. I open myself up to almost no one. My kitty cat Bobo is my best friend. Safety means more to me than almost anything else.

Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words. 🌹

Exactly. A horny person can self gratify, and not rape. In my mind, as a woman who was

Raped numerous times as a child and once as a grown woman, it was about the person wanting to hurt me. Like using an especially humiliating method to beat me up.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world really believed that?

Iím 59 and not holding my breath for it to happen any time soon. In fact I often think we are going backwards, and fast.

I think in our culture

Itís so normal to hate women and to use violence against women that we donít see it as anything bad, as a culture. Itís just the way things are, you know.

The man who taught Robert Johnson to play the blues

One heck of a biography if you want to read up on him.

Just finished my second palette knife painting. I'm really liking using a knife to paint.

Used a brush for the little barn and fence though.

12x12 oil on canvas ďMissoulaĒ


Did my first palette knife painting today.

Struggling with trying to lay down paint smoothly, I need lots more practice. Following instruction from Paul Apps on Patreon.


My latest attempt at remaining sane during these times.

For no discernible reason I am now making dollhouse sized paintings using an altoid tin pochade.


Sorry for the bad quality video. I think this is a red shouldered hawk that keeps

Visiting my bird feeders looking for a snack.

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