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I believe this is the spearhead of an attack on all healthcare specific to women.

This may sound farfetched, but the dominionist/quiverfull/patriarchal movement that has control of the R's right now, has been pushing home birthing (no midwive, only the Lord as a helper or an older daughter) as the only REAL Christian way to give birth. No hospitals at all, no doctors during pregnancy or during birth or afterwards. They are also pushing faith healing, but mostly only for females, it's not being pushed for men so much.

I truly believe we will see the R's refuse to pay for annual exams for women, or any preventive care for women like pap smears, breast exams, etc. I also believe they will soon refuse to pay for childbirth, since women for centuries did not go to the doctor to give birth. I think it's just part of the whole misogyny. I think there is tremendous anger against women on the part of some patriarchal males and they want us to SUFFER, really really suffer.

I am a vet and I was raped

And yeah the harassment was just part of life.

I never reported it or told while I was in because I knew it would end my career if I told.

This makes me angry enough that I fear for my mental health at the moment.

GOP War against contraception


The Republican War on Contraception

Not satisfied with restricting abortion rights, the GOP is now coming after your birth control.

—By Nick Baumann

Last year was not a great one for abortion rights. First, congressional Republicans attempted to deny statutory rape victims access to Medicaid-funded abortions (twice). Then GOP-dominated state legislatures pushed record numbers of laws limiting abortion rights, including proposals that could have treated killing abortion providers as "justifiable homicide."

Yet in the past six months, social conservatives have widened their offensive, and their new target is clear: Not satisfied with making it harder to obtain legal abortions, they want to limit access to birth control, too.

"Contraception is under attack in a way it really wasn't in the past few years," says Judy Waxman, the vice president for health and reproductive rights at the National Women's Law Center. "In 2004, we could not find any group—the National Right to Life Committee, the Bush campaign, anyone—that would go on the record to say they're opposed to birth control," adds Elizabeth Shipp, the political director for NARAL Pro-Choice America. "We couldn't find them in 2006 either, and in 2008 it was just fringe groups. In 2010, 2011, and this year, it's just exploded."

(The rest of the article is at link shown above.)
Posted by LiberalLoner | Thu Feb 9, 2012, 10:02 AM (4 replies)
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