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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
Number of posts: 9,157

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Not as well known as his brother, but I always liked this song of his...

Perfect song for LiberalLoner

I love a lot of Daniel Johnstonís music. ďLonerĒ

Our mulch keeps trying to kill us.

We learned something new today. Mulch can self combust. Last year we blamed it on a probable cigarette thrown by a passerby. This year, clearly self combustion.

We had no idea mulch did that.

We now have very wet mulch. We have decided we donít like black mulch very much anymore even though it looks nice and keeps the weeds down.

Just thought I would post this in case some of you have mulch that is plotting to kill you.

I actually participated in a vote for which cards to choose

They would show you two possible new cards and you could vote for the one you liked best.

I know change is hard but the new cards are going to be very nice and heartwarming, trust me on this.

It really does. I find myself wishing so much I could just talk to you guys about

What I am seeing in the RWNJ relatives I have and other RWNJs I come across in daily life and on-line.

I feel as if all these people are being molded to be so toxic and hateful. Racist, sexist, bigoted, anti science and reason, and the kind of people who enjoy hurting others, especially non RWNJs.

Itís as if whatever morals they grew up with have been replaced by something so dark and evil and toxic now.

And I donít know how we fix our nation or how we continue to function with people like that, people like the ones trying to kill the police guarding the Capitol. Because sure some of them are going to prison, but there are so many more out there who want to do so much harm and feel justified to do so.

I wish we could just get rid of all the right wing media, find some way to put a stop to the radicalization or our fellow citizens. I for one no longer recognize some of my relatives, there is nothing left of the kind, caring people I once knew.

It feels to me like what happened in ďitís a wonderful lifeĒ when George Bailey sees how dark and hateful the people of the town have become.

We are all trapped in that dark world now and we need to return to sanity but I donít know how.

And I find myself not wanting to have anything to do with the right wingers, even when they are family.

Daniel Johnston.

I got the one and done Janssen vaccine two days ago. Reporting my symptoms here

Because it seems like a good thread for people wanting to know of experiences others have had with the vaccines.

When I got the injection, it felt a bit achey going in, which surprised me as I donít usually feel any thing with injections. Not bad pain or anything, just a slightly noticeable bit of aching that disappeared after the first minute.

No other arm pain or swelling or anything like that happened to me.

About six hours after the dose, felt some chills and a couple of small headache pains. Both went away pretty quickly. Felt a bit tired in the evening, went to bed a bit early, slept well with no problems during the night.

Next day, felt slightly fatigued and low energy. Hard to say if it was the vaccine or just normal variations in energy levels I get due to multiple sclerosis. About 24-26 hours after the vaccine, noticed my sinuses were burning a bit and my nose started running. Kind of like when you are coming down with a cold, you know? That lasted an hour or two and went away, and then that was it for my reactions to the vaccine. So far. Itís been two days so I figure Iím in the clear.

Not very bad reaction to the vaccine, when I used to get the yellow fever vaccine when I was in the Army, I had a much bigger reaction to that vaccine, than this one. So as far as vaccine reactions go, I would say I had a very very mild experience.

A fair number of those male gropers are also molesting their daughters, remember. I think I read

1 in 3 females are molested as children. That molestation is not perpetrated by strangers, actually. But society doesnít want to really look at reality. As a formerly abused kid, I will just say, families suck.

Thank you. My key chain says "mean people suck." I spend my time now with very few

People. I open myself up to almost no one. My kitty cat Bobo is my best friend. Safety means more to me than almost anything else.

Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words. 🌹

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