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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
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I hope it's okay to post a song that is probably my favorite song.

I spent the whole year when I was ten, listening to it as often as possible, over and over.

It brought me from a state of deep sadness to one of hope for the future, all within a few minutes of a song.

I canít really think of any song I love more than this one.

Lots of people have made fun of me for liking this song, because of the heavy orchestration, which some people find kind of cheesy. But to me, the song couldnít possibly be any more perfect and I am grateful to Peter Asher for his contributions to the final version of this song.

So, well, here it is. Maybe there will be one other person on DU who likes this song.

The great Jim Gordon played drums on this song, not Hal Blaine actually.

Jim wrote me a letter where he said he remembered recording that song so clearly (many songs he didnít remember clearly or at all due to drinking and drugs)Ö.

We had discussed the song because I had told Jim how much I loved that song.

RIP, Jim Gordon. Thank you for all the great music.

Finished this kitty painting today. I see some mistakes I need to fix though.


Thank you to anyone who looks at this, likes, offers a critique, etc.

I am grateful. I make these paintings in my basement and itís just me and my DH seeing them, so Iím thrilled when I get a chance to show my work to other artists because this can be a lonely hobby. 👩🏼‍🎨
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