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LiberalLoner's Journal
LiberalLoner's Journal
June 27, 2023

Oh your work is so fresh and unblemished, you never

Overwork your paintings at all, which is so hard to avoid with watercolor.

Your painting to me looks happy and charming and would brighten the day of anyone who looks at it! It brightened my day..thank you for sharing!

Have you studied under some watercolor top artists, to become this skillful? People say talent, and you have talent, sure, but it also takes real work, especially with such an unforgiving medium as watercolor!


June 27, 2023

Did a pastel painting to commemorate a pet that passed recently, for a friend

I only know her on Facebook but she is a bright sunny kind soul, in spite of bearing even worse disabilities than the ones I have. It was clear she really loved this kitty so I asked her if I could do a portrait for her. When she saw it she was overjoyed and wanted to pay but I demurred.

I wanted just to do a kind deed. Money and stuff has always been the least important things in my life. How I feel about myself and my relationships with others, that’s what really matters to me. Which is why the last two years of on-line bullying have been hard on my spirit. Left Twitter finally, but I’m left wondering why any of it ever happened. Was never given any answers.

Anyway, trying to regain my trust in the world a little bit and remember the world has nice people in it too, not just cruel people.

She is one of those nice people and I was so happy to do a small kind deed for her. I shipped it out today.

Got biopsies on both breasts coming up in a couple weeks and I’m thinking, if it is cancer, I better regain my will to live pretty fast, because a person needs that strength when fighting cancer.

Here is a photo of my painting and the reference photo I used.

Thanks to anyone who looked and read all this. Thank you.

June 24, 2023

I'm so grateful this group is here and wish good health for all of you.

I hope it’s okay that I post here. I haven’t been diagnosed with breast cancer yet but I’m scheduled for biopsies on both breasts July 18th because additional imaging found suspicious areas.

My first worry is simply about the procedure itself, which sounds like painful torture.

I understand they numb up the skin with lidocaine, which will make the initial incision painless, but the deeper tissues will obviously not be numb.

They are going in to almost my chest wall through dense breast tissue to get multiple samples with that thick needle, and although they told me it would be painless….I don’t believe them for one minute.

The other breast has calcifications that aren’t terribly deep in the tissue so I suspect that biopsy will be only mildly painful, but the other one, I am worried about.

I don’t understand why they don’t at least offer IV sedation to women during this procedure, or one pain pill for the procedure.

Frankly, I am thinking of calling them up and asking for the strongest sedative they will prescribe for me (my husband will be driving) because I can handle pain a little better when I am calm.

And if I had any Percocet in the house, believe you me I’d take it before the biopsies because I am that certain the one will be severely painful.

Thank you all for letting me post and vent some about my fears.

I’m scared of the cancer, too, of course…runs in my family and docs have estimated my lifetime chance to be 1 in 3 so I am thinking, yup, this is cancer…but my most immediate fear is of the biopsies themselves and the pain I know I will experience.

They don’t expect us to have dental work done without being fully numb…why do they expect us to be fine with what is essentially surgery with only the surface skin being numbed? Is it just, you know, we are women, so we don’t matter, our comfort doesn’t matter?

June 24, 2023

Hugs to you and wishes for quick healing!

I am so glad the lymph nodes were clear…that is such a great sign! I really believe you have beat this and you will be just fine now!

I’m brand new to this group just today, so I don’t know your story, but I was wondering if you had cancer in both breasts at the same time? Because both were removed.

My mom had pre-menopausal breast cancer back in 1970. They removed the breast and lymph nodes, found cancer there, said she wouldn’t last one year. Gave her cobalt radiation treatment which was new at that time, and she lasted the last several decades of her life cancer free.

Your stories of the prosthesis reminds me of the stories my Mom would tell. She had a blow up prosthesis and one time in the grocery store it started deflating so she said there she was with her little straw, trying to blow it back up. Everyone used to laugh at that story, and she would, too.

She always said she wished they would have just taken the other side off at the same time because she said boobs were just a hassle to have, they get in the way when you go to hug someone or do anything. I thought she had such a great attitude.

I’m here in this group now because a few days ago I had extra imaging done and the conclusion was, suspicious areas in both breasts, so biopsies are scheduled for July 18th.

One biopsy will be stereotactic and the other one will be ultrasound guided.

I’ll be honest, I’m mostly scared right now about how much the biopsies will hurt.

I actually had a surgical biopsy done about fifteen years ago. A benign mass was taken out. It wasn’t a big deal because they put me under and I don’t remember recovery as being hard at all. I wore the surgical bra for a month afterwards I believe but if I remember right, the pain went away very quickly.

I know they will give me lidocaine to numb the skin, but the lumps they have to get to for the ultrasound guided biopsy are very deep, and I have dense tissues, and I just have a terrible feeling it’s going to hurt a whole bunch, so I’m scared of the procedure because I anticipate pain.

I thought it might be a smart idea for me to come here and learn from others who have been kind enough to post their experiences, as you have. Thank you. And I hope you won’t have any more problems in the future with the C monster.

June 21, 2023

Well, biopsies on both breasts will be done, both have suspicious areas.

My intuition was telling me. Don’t know why I know certain things I have no reason to know, but sometimes in life that’s how it went for me, that magic intuition.

June 19, 2023

Did this small 6x6 oil painting today

I do mostly soft pastels but wanted to show one of my little oil paintings. Thanks to anyone who looks at this! 😀

June 16, 2023

Finished this painting today. I've decided I want to concentrate mostly on animal portraits

And move away from landscapes for awhile.

Thank you to anyone who looks.


June 14, 2023

I'm so sorry for your loss. 😭

I’m sorry for others posting who lost loved ones to suicide as well.

Sometimes people carry so much pain inside but put everything they have towards looking okay from the outside. Appearing normal.

I’m just so sorry.

June 11, 2023

Thanks for posting this...anyone else catch the part at the end where the guy says Trump will never

Spend one day in jail because he is entitled to secret service protection?

That thought depresses me. I really want to see TFG in prison for the rest of his life.

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