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LiberalLoner's Journal
LiberalLoner's Journal
July 21, 2023

Thanks everyone for being so caring and supportive, I am so grateful. Got the results back

Two malignant masses in left breast, but the right breast is cancer free. Just atypical ductal hyperplasia that does need to be removed and evaluated.

So, now I need to get a referral to a breast surgeon from my primary care doc, meet with the surgeon, get the surgery, at which time I am guessing I might find out what stage it is???

And then on to treatment of some sort.

And then wait and see if I beat it or not.

Thanks everyone for being here.

I haven’t cried yet. I am sure I will at some point.
Right now I am just focused on what steps I need to take next, and then fears of pain after the surgery.

One step at a time.

July 21, 2023

Hi wonderful fellow artists, got the biopsy results back

Left breast has two masses that are cancer, right breast not cancer but atypical ductal hyperplasia that needs to be removed and evaluated.

So surgery needed on both sides but only one side is cancer.

Thanks everyone so much for being so caring and giving me such great support.

July 20, 2023

Did some tiny pastel paintings this week, little landscapes.


Got a couple of breast biopsies done this week, waiting for the results. Felt like just doing little paintings.

Thank you anyone who looks! 😍👩🏼?🎨

July 18, 2023

Had both biopsies done today. Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive.

The ultrasound guided one was easier but neither was very bad.

Got a good look at the calcifications and I could see why the radiologist was concerned.

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