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LiberalLoner's Journal
LiberalLoner's Journal
August 16, 2023

Well, I'm still playing with my soft pastels....waiting to hear when my surgery date will be...

I’ve been told the hospital is busy and has a big backlog so not to expect the surgery for my breast cancer any time soon. Hope they get me in for surgery before Xmas.

Doing some art each day is good therapy, takes my mind off worries and into a happier place.

I figure most of us here use art that way, at least some of the time. It’s such a nice peaceful way to spend time, isn’t it?

Thank you for looking! 😍


Did this one today.


August 16, 2023

Some Hank Williams Sr.

My spirit always feels uplifted by his music and this song is just what I need right now, facing my diagnosis of cancer.

Maybe someone else here could use a boost from this music, too.

August 15, 2023

I hope you get much better very quickly

And I am sorry you are going through this very unpleasant and scary illness. 🙏🌹

August 15, 2023

Something very similar happened in dustbowl era towns during the 1930s...

That kind of insane denial of the obvious, and the insane claims everything was as good as it could possibly be.

This book details that and many other things. One of the best books I’ve ever read, highly recommend it.


August 4, 2023

❤️ I'm bugging the nurse with all my questions,

Got some great answers today though…

Below are questions I sent her, with her replies which were timely and helpful.


I am sorry to trouble you, but I have a couple of questions I hope you might be able to answer for me.

Will all the members of the surgical team working on my case be in-network as far as you are aware at this point (anesthesiologist, etc.), and
As far as I am aware of yes within INOVA Hospital all are treated as in-network

Would I be allowed to receive my radiotherapy after surgery at the Woodbridge location, which would be a much easier drive for me? And how soon after surgery would the radiotherapy begin…is there a week or so allowed for healing after the surgery before radiation is administered?
Potomac Radiation Oncology is the company that manages the radiation treatments at Fair Oaks Hospital and Fairfax Hospital/Cancer Center. They also have stand alone locations one of which is in Woodbridge next to Sentara Hospital where Radiation Treatments and office visits are done. I definitely can get you at that location. Typically following surgery Radiation Treatment would take place 4 – 6 weeks later at the earliest to allow for tissue healing PRIOR to being radiated.

If additional testing is done on the cancer (Oncotype DX – for Medical Oncology) there may be a longer gap before any treatment begins. I do anticipate that the Surgeon will ask me to send for the additional testing. Oncotype Dx is testing done on Invasive Breast Cancers that are Hormone positive and HER2 negative (which your cancer is). Oncotype Dx helps the Medical Oncologist determine IF chemotherapy treatment might be helpful in lowering the persons cancer risk. Oncotype Dx testing can take 3-4 weeks for results to that is when Radiation Tx would wait to determine if the PT would be advised for Chemo (goes right after surgery) or Endocrine (Radiation comes right after surgery).

Surgery followed by Chemo followed by Radiation Tx’s


Surgery followed by Radiation Tx followed by Endocrine Tx’s

Hope this is clear.

August 1, 2023

Oh I am glad you are doing well enough to play golf!

That is excellent news! 😍

The doc scheduled an MRI for me (first one available 31 August, boo for the delay) and a biopsy of the other tumor, and meeting with plastic surgery/oncology 5 Sept. Worries about insurance coverage because it is out of network but will talk to Aetna about that and see.

The great news is my cancer has estrogen and progesterone receptors and is HER negative. So that gives more options for treatment and lessens the chance I will have to undergo chemo.

So as it stands now, MRI, another biopsy, partial mastectomy both sides with breast lift and reconstruction. Should all be accomplished before the end of September, and then radiation treatments and estrogen blockers.

I’m feeling tremendously encouraged now and feel I have a very good chance at surviving this cancer. Feeling very hopeful.

Here’s to surviving cancer!

And I found out a new Thai food restaurant opened nearby so I am going to be having some Thai food on Friday and life is good! 😀

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