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LiberalLoner's Journal
LiberalLoner's Journal
September 21, 2023

I went to a wedding of a family member of a friend in a church I vehemently abhor...

Hated it the whole time but I went.

Yeah I probably would. To support a friend, and would hate it the whole time.

I wonder if Mr. Stills even knew who RFK Jr was and what he stood for, prior to the event???

I feel we here on DU are more aware of these things than most other people.

September 21, 2023

Excellent point about the backstage pass! Mr. Stills was surely invited, and would

Have given offense to his friend of many decades, had he refused the invitation.

Pretty uncomfortable place for anyone to be put in.

September 21, 2023

I'm just a fan. I don't know him. Never even been to his concerts tbh because

I don’t much like concerts.

But I know he has been a staunch supporter of liberal values all his life and the Democratic Party.

Yeah, I’m willing to die on this hill because I think it’s a situation like me giving the neighbor hood kids money.

I think people are being unfair to him.

It’s okay that people will beat up on me, I don’t mind that.

I feel I owe him for the music.

I wrote to Jim Gordon while he was alive, in prison, for exactly the same reason. I felt I owed him my support.

September 21, 2023

He was there to support his friend, that's all. And $3,000 to his class is about like $3 to you and

Me. So trifling as to be utterly meaningless.

If I were the type to bet, I would bet Mr. Stills never even thought about how others might perceive this as supporting a right wing politician.

He’s been such a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and liberal values, that it’s hard for me to believe people honestly think he’s done a 180 degree turn now.

He was there to support his friend, that’s all.

A few years ago the neighbor kids, who go to a right wing religious school, were going door to door to fundraise for their school, because they were forced to.

When they knocked, even though I hate those religious schools, I gave a little money.

To support the neighbor kids and be polite. Not to support their horrid church school, although yeah, I could see where the money was going to.

September 21, 2023

Mr. Clapton is a superb musician. He has political views I strongly disagree with. I still listen to

His music, and always will.

Bottom line, Mr. Stills was supporting a friend. That’s all.

September 21, 2023

Might be closer to the truth than you realize. And I do know musicians go to a whole lot of

Concerts and music events. Whether they agree with those musicians politically or not.

And yes, okay, celebrities all do share a love of the limelight. It is what drives them to be celebrities in the first place. So yeah, maybe Mr. Stills enjoys seeing and being seen. That seems plausible to me. 🤷🏻?♀️ That could be part of the reason, too.

What I do know with 100% certainty is, Mr. Stills does not support RFK Jr. or ANY right-wing politician or cause.

September 21, 2023

Mr. Stills has lost a whole bunch of his dearest friends and colleagues over the years,

And this year has been especially brutal.

I think Mr. Stills is a human being like all of us, and when you suffer deep losses, you want to spend time with the friends and loved ones you have left, even if you disagree vehemently with their political views.

I still talk to family members who are pro-Trump. I grit my teeth when they bring up politics, and remain silent.

They are all the family I have left and I don’t want to be alone.

Doesn’t mean I support Trump. Just means I don’t want to be alone.

Maybe Mr. Stills feels some of those same feelings.

September 21, 2023

Posting in support of Stephen Stills, who is being unfairly accused of supporting a

Right wing politician, when Mr. Stills was only there to see and support his dear friend, Mr. Eric Clapton. Yeah, there are photos of him standing there…most likely he went up to exchange greetings with his friend, and as always, the cameras were clicking away.

I know enough about him to know he does not, has never, and will not, support nut job right wing politicians.

I really love this song of his.

September 21, 2023

He was absolutely there to see and support Eric Clapton, with whom he is friends. He does not

Support RFK Jr. or any right wing politicians.

He showed up to support his close friend Eric Clapton, and like always the cameras were clicking away non-stop.

Please don’t believe for one minute he supports RFK Jr. or believes in him. Nor does he share his friend’s disdain of the Covid vaccine.

Sometimes we have friends whose political beliefs vary wildly from ours.

Stephen Stills has lost a lot of musician friends lately and I’m sure he is grateful for the old friends he still has left. Which is perfectly understandable.

Please give the dude a break.

September 13, 2023

Oh I love this!!! Very Van Gogh! This should be hung on the wall,

Framed if you prefer a framed look, or as is. I understand it is the fashion these days to hang canvases unframed, mostly?

Oh did you ever read the history of Paris Green which Van Gogh used quite frequently?

Even today when I go to the museum and see his work, I see that shocking green color which can not be reproduced by the pigments we have today. We can get something a little bit like it but not that glowing, surreal, shocking green color. It’s beyond fluorescent somehow, hard to describe unless you have seen his paintings up close. Have you seen some of his work in real life?

Anyway, wonderful work, keep it up! 👍👏👏👏

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