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Nancy Lee Grahn Pulls an #AllLivesMatter in Wake of Viola Davisí Historic Emmy Win

Nancy Lee Grahn Pulls an #AllLivesMatter in Wake of Viola Davisí Historic Emmy Win

By: Kirsten West Savali
Posted: Sept. 22 2015 3:00 AM


Miscellaneous-daytime-drama actress Nancy Lee Grahn wants the world to know that the Emmys are no place to discuss the marginalization of black actresses in Hollywood, because all women are discriminated against, and "dramatic" race talk distracts from the bigger picture.

As previously reported by The Root, Grahn made these ridiculously racist statements on Twitter in the wake of Viola Davis' historic win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Annalise Keating on ABCís How to Get Away With Murder. Davis became the first black actress to win the award and, in a powerful acceptance speech, paid homage to other black leading ladies paving the way, while also tackling the institutionalized racism that shapes and shades Hollywood.

"The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity," Davis said. "You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there."

Minutes after the speech, Grahn cried the whitest tears imaginable, ripped Davis' speech to shreds and attempted to center her whiteness in one of the blackest moments in Emmy history:


No Presidential Candidate...

No presidential candidate in 2016 will get one vote or one nickel from me UNTIL I am satisfied that black lives matter to them. Until black lives matter to them, they are no longer assured my vote. And, I have voted in every local and national election since the first year I was able to vote in 1992.

What counts as evidence for me?

1) Legislation that you passed that keeps individuals in my community ALIVE.
2) Their presence on the streets of America in communities as we cry, march, and scream about the murders of our loved ones at the hands of police officers.
3) Their presence in our town hall meetings in unscripted forums as we try to come to solutions to the problems of over aggressive policing.
(feel free to add as you see fit)...

Until then, I'm done. I believe in climate change. But, in 2016, your belief in it won't earn you my vote. I believe in a long list of things, but in 2016, I will be a one issue voter. I will vote for the presidential candidate who believes in working to help keep my sons alive.

At the moment, I see NO presidential candidate willing to walk the walk...and precious few politicians, in general. But, I could be wrong. PLEASE tell me something great about the one you're supporting. Otherwise, I'm just done.

I don't post much here anymore. I do miss you guys in the group. I miss you the most on days like this, with the Cleveland verdict. I'm sick to tears. I'm sick of carrying water for people who don't give a rat's rear about black folk until its election season. Then they get your vote and go and do their own thing and I'm supposed to take some kind of pride in the fact that my team won. I'm so sorry for the rant. But, I'm just so sick and tired of watching us die at the hands of the police and then, there are just no consequences.

My team isn't winning. My team is dying. They STILL HAVE NOT EVEN INTERVIEWED THE KILLER OF TAMIR RICE. I want to know what EVERY presidential candidate thinks about that. I want to know what they're willing to do about that. I plan to vote for the candidate that can't stop thinking and talking about it. My next vote for a presidential candidate will be for the one who can't stop talking about and who has already shown evidence of working to make a difference. If they haven't been working to make a difference, they can start today. I'll be watching.

That is all...
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