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Rep. Charlie Dent publishes opinion piece, reveals his racist side

Charlie Dent (R-15th district of PA) wrote a column for my local paper. It's amazing how clueless this guy is about his racist leanings. He describes Eric Frein, a white survivalist nutcase who kept the Poconos in lock down for 48 days, as a "suspected cop-killer". Michael Brown he describes as engaging in multiple criminal actions on the day he was shot, including robbery, defying a police order, resisting arrest, attempting to take Officer Darren Wilson's firearm and then rushing him. For proof, Dent lists the 'evidence' presented at the Grand Jury trial--evidence that was never subjected to cross-examination.

I guess those "innocent until proven guilty" and "equal protection under the law" things don't apply to black folks, at least not in Dent's opinion. At one point he bemoans the "undue vilification of Wilson." Then he castigates protesters for daring to criticize the police.

I feel really sorry for any minority in the 15th district who has an altercation with the cops. They'll get no help at all from their elected representative.

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