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Gender: Male
Hometown: Central Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Jan 1, 2010, 11:54 PM
Number of posts: 911

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I absolutely denounce that view and,

as previously stated, hold that there are extremest "wing-nuts" on both sides. I also denounce the statement from the D.C. mayor's office that the best way to deal with violent criminals is to be a victim.

Using a weapon to stop a crime is totally within our right of self-defense. If the criminal dies in the process, so be it. However, after the criminal has been subdued, killing that criminal by any means is murder.

Playing devil's advocate:

It is legal to abort a viable fetus but killing a new-born is murder.

In both examples, the criminal and baby end up dead. The only question is when in the process that death occurs.

Like I said, both sides have a great deal in common including a total lack of common sense.

Semper Fi,

The Gun Is Civilization

This is the best statement concerning the personal right and reason to bear arms I have ever read.


Take that you uncivilized antis !!!

Semper Fi,

Oh, you were clear. Clearly Wrong - Again.

You really meant "into the grocery store" ?!?!

Now THAT really is a Load of B.S.

Concerning the other points addressed: You know virtually nothing about me or any other person in this group whatever their stated position on the issue. Your continued assumptions concerning others really do devalue your input to zero minus a bunch.

Semper Fi,

Get off the"The Children" Crap !!

This guy is 17 years old. My uncle was 17 years old and an infantryman on D-Day at Normandy.

"The Children" card might be played up to maybe age 12. After that it is simply B.S.

Semper Fi,

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