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Profile Information

Name: iris
Gender: Female
Current location: living room recliner
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 08:32 AM
Number of posts: 23,322

Journal Archives

He had a child and wife. I am sorry for his families loss.

Breakfast Saturday 6 March 2020

Coffee and cream now.

Baked egg and toast later.

Knee arthritis acting up.

On the Beach? 1959 Movie with Ava Gardner & Gregory Peck?

The scenes in the Bay were haunting.

It's mostly from Andy Weirs' book & movie The Martian

I love that flick.

Local Columbus Dr to be charged for 25 accounts of murder

Paige Southwick Pfleger (@PaigePfleger) Tweeted:
#BREAKING: after a six month investigation, fired doctor William Husel is now charged with 25 counts of murder for giving “excessive” doses of fentanyl to at least 34 of his patients. @wosunews https://twitter.com/PaigePfleger/status/1136287432570220544

More at source

Ear Worm of the Day


I think the official vid has faded, but the backbeat has held up well, IMO

And someone in the rooms today is saying this

Sam (@shiner_sam) Tweeted:
Haven’t drank any alcohol since last year, wow I’m so impressed with myself https://twitter.com/shiner_sam/status/1080044718891982848

With shakey hands and a slightly off kilter smile


Can anyone imagine a trumper, a republican, a caver or a MAGAer doing this?

My meds got adjusted last week, and I'm feeling nauseated when I start to prep food.

I'm pretty sure my stomach will settle, but that feeling of abdominal tension & roiling not pleasant.
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