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Hometown: Flint MI
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 7,345

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Any Advice on Installing a Faucet on a Bathroom Sink?

The old faucet finally decided to start spraying water out the side.

Here's the deal:
All I want to do is replace the fixture. We don't use the plunger because I've never had one that didn't let water drain out almost as quickly as a non-stoppered sink. The only thing we use the sink for is to wash hands and brush teeth.

All the hoses and pipes under the sink are in excellent shape. I'm keeping them and plan on hooking them up to the new faucet.

Anyone who has a story to tell or some advice (or encouragement / discouragement) is welcome to tell it. I pride myself on minor (amateur) handy skills (I helped install my dishwasher and I built half the furniture in my house so I'm not afraid of scrapes). What worries me most is the pressure on my ribs when I'm working under the sink.

Help me out here. Crowdsourcing is good.

Weird Food Your Pet Loves

I've heard of cats and dogs who like peanut butter, olives, breakfast cereal, and other things that you wouldn't expect them to like. What surprising foods did your pet (or friend's pet) like?

I had a cat who loooooved mushroom soup. It was so bad that I couldn't open a can of anything without him running over trying to get some.

I had another cat who loved seaweed. When I lived in Japan, I once got a package of the thin flat sheets for making sushi. I left it on the counter and went to work. When I got home, I found the package torn open, most of the seaweed chewed out of it, and thousands of tiny bits of seaweed stuck into the tatami mats with cat spit. I was still finding tiny specks of it months later.

About That Julius Caesar - Trump Kerfuffle

Ahem. The play has always made allusions to current political figures, including Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Some quotes from the article:


In 2015, a production of Julius Caesar at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence gave a spin to the Shakespearian history play by reimagining the title character as a woman. The show was largely interpreted by critics to be referencing Hillary Clinton, especially considering that when its “Caesar” was murdered at the beginning of Act Three she was wearing a striking white pantsuit.

The current Julius Caesar at the Public Theater is directed by Oskar Eustis, who also helmed a 1990 production set in ’60s America that nodded to the assassination of President Kennedy. “Against the step-by-step dirge of Matthias Gohl’s loud and haunting music, the TV screens unreel Kennedy’s funeral in black-and-white,” a Boston Globe review read. “Later, in color, there are scenes of mass protest and police brutality. Caesar and his cronies wear dark business suits, white shirts, glossy shoes. (When Calpurnia arrives she wears a Jackie Kennedy pillbox.)”

A 2012 production by The Acting Company cast Bjorn DuPaty as Caesar, an actor whose resemblance to President Obama was noted by many critics.


Even more at link.

How to Pronounce Mueller

I've heard newscasters and pundits say it both ways:

Muller - rhymes with "cruller"



I've always thought they were 2 different surnames: Muller and Mueller, pronounced differently.

Granted, there are names that are spelled the same but pronounced differently. People around Raleigh, NC, know about the Mordecai family (the Christian branch changed it to "mor-DECK-ee", for example.

Is this a case where the family kept the spelling, but simplified the pronunciation? Are some people unaware that there are 2 different surnames?

Sorry for the whole thread, but it's been bugging me.

A Funny Song I Found

Warning: if you are seriously religious and/or lack a sense of humor, leave!

What's Your Favorite Candy?

My favorite of all time is plain M&Ms.

Second is Maple Nut Goodies.

What's yours? It doesn't have to be fancy. Just something you make sure not to run out of.

UK Hospitals Hit by Massive Cyber Attack

From the Guardian:

Hospitals across England have been hit by a large-scale cyber-attack, the NHS has confirmed, which has locked staff out of their computers and forced many trusts to divert emergency patients.

The IT systems of NHS sites across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit, with a pop-up message demanding a ransom in exchange for access to the PCs. NHS England has declared a major incident. NHS Digital said it was aware of the problem and would release more details soon.

Several companies in Spain were also hit with recent ransomware attacks.

I hope that the criminals are caught and prosecuted! This can NOT become part of our daily lives.

Just What WAS Flynn's Underlying Behavior?

Was it of a sexual nature? Was he a jerk around the office? Was it financial? Was he passing info to Putin?

Since it's classified/under investigation, we're not going to find out for a while. But that shouldn't stop us from speculating.

I think that Flynn was working with Putin to undermine societies and elections in the US and around the world. He may have been motivated by being cut loose by the Obama Administration and wanted revenge.

I would love to hear what my fellow DUers think.

Do You Have a Fictional Book That You Have Read Several Times?

For me:

Hawaii, by James Michener
I reread it every 5 years or so. Magnificent story of how Hawaii came to be, from early volcanic formation to modern day. Tells how various ethnic groups came to the islands and built new lives.

Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart
The original "almost everyone on Earth dies from a mysterious disease except for a few survivors" tale, but realistic and wonderfully written.

What are some of the books you have to revisit over and over?

Which Trumpista Is Most Deeply Involved with Russia?

I think

The big players:
Michael "Who? Who?" Cohen
Jared Kushner
Carter Page, of course
Mike Flynn

Smaller players probably include Bannon and Ivanka.

Clueless dupes:
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