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Member since: Sun Mar 7, 2010, 05:34 PM
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Sen Warren asks Why is Sallie Mae ripping off tax payers?


Rick Perry Jabs Wendy Davis

Feeling the need to put down a political challenger:

Gov. Rick Perry (R) couldn't resist taking a jab at her for having been a teenage mother.


Texas Shaping Up To Be Huge Battleground in 2014

Wendy Davis' Democratic victory on Tuesday in Texas was a shot across the bow to the Texas Republican Party. In short, it sent a message that Democrats are organized, energized and working to turn Texas blue after too many years of Republican dominance. Sen. Wendy Davis was just what the doctor ordered to light up Texas women on both sides of the aisle and set their resolve to oust the old white men who want to put Big Government in their lady parts.

OFA old-timer Jeremy Bird is already in Texas and has been for some time, setting up field offices and getting to work on voter education and registration. In February, Bird predicted that while the road would be tough, it could be done with enough organization in advance. And so Battleground Texas was born.

At the same time, we will be working hard to engage women voters in Texas. Women voters in the Lone Star State supported Obama by just 47 percent in 2008 -- far fewer than the 55 percent nationwide that supported the President in both 2008 and 2012. We can do much better than that.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry calls 2nd special session to pass abortion bill

Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday called a second special session of the Texas Legislature to pass widespread abortion restrictions across the nation's second-largest state, after the first attempt by Republicans died overnight following a marathon one-woman filibuster.

Perry ordered lawmakers to meet again on July 1 to act on the abortion proposals, as well as separate bills that would boost highway funding and deal with a juvenile justice issue. The sweeping abortion rules would close nearly all the state's abortion clinics and impose other widespread restrictions.


John Roberts Shows Cold-Blooded Calculation In His Supreme Court Rulings

But politically, these tolerant rulings on the country's social fabric deflect attention from the Roberts Court's deeper goal: to remove the federal government as an impediment to corporate, state and local power. In other words, to dismantle a framework of progressive laws and court rulings stretching back to Teddy Roosevelt, the New Deal and the Great Society.

"Roberts has a long-range plan for radical change," said Norman Ornstein, a senior scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. "And he's moving faster than he thought possible when he started eight years ago."

Viewed over a series of years, the major decisions of the Roberts Court exhibit a contrapuntal political rhythm -- and a sharp awareness of how it's all playing.


The Supreme Court is the real GOP power house

The Supreme Court's rulings are the main reasons that the GOP has so much power in Red States.

John Lewis: 'These Men' on the Supreme Court Never Had to Pass a Literacy Test

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) on Tuesday blasted conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court after they struck down a part of a law intended to prevent the type of voter suppression that he was fighting against when he had his skull fractured during protests in the 1960s.

In a 5 to 4 decision along ideological lines on Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the heart of the Voting Rights Act was unconstitutional becauese Congress had not provided adequate justification for subjecting nine mostly southern states to additional federal oversight.

"I was disappointed because what I think what the court did today is stab the Voting Rights Act of 1965 right in its very heart," Lewis explained to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. "It is a major setback. We may not have people being beaten today, maybe they're not being denied the right to participate, to register to vote, they're not being chased by police dogs or trampled by horses. But in the 11 states of the old Confederacy and even in some of the states outside of the South, there has been a systematic, deliberate attempt to take us back to another period."


Supreme Court Hands Chamber Of Commerce Blockbuster Pro-Corporate Term

It was another good year for the Chamber of Commerce at the nation's highest court, which has increasingly taken a corporate tilt under Chief Justice John Roberts.

Bush Vs Gore.........

If Gore had won the country would have been so much better off.


GOP Supreme Court

Is there such a thing as a GOP owned Supreme Court?

Seems that way.........

How Snowden blew it and became a traitor.........

After Edward Snowden leaked the fact the that US had intercepted communications of Russian president Medvedev, and now this past Friday we learned that Snowden has leaked the details of US spying on China, Snowden has made his intentions, and the legitimacy of what he is doing, a legitimate story. And to the degree anyone thinks this detracts from the NSA PRISM story, they have only Edward Snowden to thank. As journalists we donít ignore good, important stories because theyíre inconvenient. And as Iíll argue at the end of this story, I think the question of Snowdenís hero status goes to the heart of the most important issue of this entire debate: the appropriate roles of citizens and government.


Snowden, in my opinion, if he really felt strongly about the PRISM program should have leaked it then turned himself in to US authorities and take the punishment but stand by his beliefs. Now Snowden is being used by every intelligence agency to supply his knowledge about NSA methods and programs to their respective governments. Snowden being naive to the world of competing intelligence organizations became a traitor to the US government.
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