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Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch brothers send GOP donors into the shadows

Why are the GOP donors so ashamed that they feel the need to hide their faces?

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid’s relentless attacks on the billionaire Koch brothers are having an unforeseen impact — spurring other wealthy GOP donors to give more money to groups that keep their supporters’ names secret.

Several prominent pro-Republican advocacy groups say they are benefiting from a burst of cash as some donors — fearful of harsh public attacks such as those aimed at the Kochs — turn away from political committees required under federal law to reveal their contributors.


Elizabeth Warren Speaks and Democratic Party gets out new focused messaging for its future direction

Senator Elizabeth Warren has emerged as its champion. Her speech at the New Populism Conference sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future on May 22 summarizes the case.

For the mainstream media, of course, the headline from the conference was Warren’s reiteration that she has no intention of running for president. Like all such statements, that pledge is written in water, inevitably impacted by times and tides. For progressives, the real news was the expanded agenda that she announced she was ready to “fight for,” and her forceful commitment to reframe the national debate.

Warren began with her basic case: Americans know that the “game is rigged.” That injustice is exposed in everyday scandals, from the tax dodges that allow millionaires to pay lower taxes than their secretaries, budget priorities that lard the most profitable corporations in the world while cutting funding for education, a justice system that jails kids for possessing “a few ounces of pot,” while bankers launder billions in drug cartel profits and “no one even gets arrested.”

This forces, Warren argues, not only a “fight over economics, over privilege, over power,” but also a “fight over values.” Conservatives are guided by their age-old principle: "I've got mine, the rest of you are on your own." “But we're guided by principle, too. It's a simple idea: We all do better when we work together and invest in our future.”


O'Keefe Stings HIMSELF Again in 'Frack Film' Fail

Isn't it time that the suckers dumb enough to have given money to Rightwing con-man and federal criminal James O'Keefe's ironically-named "non-profit" Project Veritas started demanding their money back from this clown? Or are they simply too stupid to care about being played for complete stooges as Fox "News" and, apparently, Megyn Kelly still appear to be?

Here's O'Keefe's latest really huge fail, as revealed fail after "sting victim", Academy Award-nominated Gasland documentarian Josh Fox, turns out to have recorded the entire conversation deceptively edited and featured in pretend "journalist" O'Keefe's new video...

What O'Keefe got busted doing there, as seen in the Chris Hayes MSNBC segment above, is exactly what he does in every one of his pretend "investigations", as we've demonstrated here for years. This time, at least, one of the victims happened to have had the foresight to have recorded it all independently on his own. It's remarkable that even the wingnut dupes at Fox "News" are still falling for this tired con, frankly, much less people stupid enough to send actual money to support Jimmy's scam.


Why won't the Democratic Politicians go for the kill?

Republicans demonstrate time after time the will push an event or issue into the ground and win at all costs. Democratic politicians seem to fade and melt away at the first sign of GOP opposition. Democratic politicians also seem to willing to forgive and forget their GOP colleagues follies, but the GOP never will forget the Democratic slip ups.

How Karl Rove, Rich Lowry and Politico are damaging America

This is how it works. First Karl Rove bleats something about how Hillary Clinton was wearing sunglasses that only people with "traumatic brain injury" wear, and says she was in the hospital for a month when she most provably was not, and this is all such obvious bullshit that only a moron could possibly take it seriously, and then people like Rich Lowry, a man who decided Sarah Palin was vice-presidential material because She Winked At Me, write approving essays in the opinion pages called things like "Rove Is Right".

From Politico: "If we take Rove’s interview on Fox News the day after the Page Six item as the best explanation of his view, his basic points are unassailable — the state of Clinton’s health will play into her decision whether or not to run, she will have to be completely open about the 2012 episode and all of this will be filtered through the fact that she will be 69 if elected and 77 if she serves two terms."

So if we completely ignore the part where everything Karl Rove said was an outright lie—she was not in the hospital "30 days," she was not wearing sunglasses meant for "people who have traumatic brain injury" and prominent liar-for-cash Karl Rove either had to know both of those things himself or gets his news primarily from the voices in his own head—then Karl Rove's intended point is "unassailable" because Hillary Clinton is old. And it is the job of the professional damager of American discourse to studiously ignore the part where everything Karl Rove or some other titanic hack said was an outright lie, because that is how these things work. Let's ignore the part where he was promoting an outright lie; it feels like something that could be true, and so fellow professional liar Rich Lowry kicks the conspiracy can forward, just a little bit, in the supposedly serious pages of Politico.


Dick Cheney: Hillary Should Be 'Held Accountable' For Benghazi Terror Attacks

Dick Cheney, the former vice president who was in office during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 and later pushed the country into war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence, said on Sunday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be "held accountable" for four Americans that died during a terrorist attack in Benghazi.

"I do think it's a major issue," he added. "I don't think we've heard the last of it yet, and I expect that she will be held accountable during the course of the campaign."

Cheney's wife, Lynne, who was also on the program also doubled down on her recent suggestion that Hillary Clinton had conspired with Vanity Fair to publish an article by Monica Lewinsky to get the issue out of the way before a 2016 presidential run.

"I was really paying the Clintons a large compliment," she insisted. "I was saying how clever they are politically. And it seemed to me, if you had something that might come up during the campaign that would be damaging, it was very smart to get it out of the way early."

"So, that's my case, Chris, and I'm staying with it."


As Hillary Clinton touts record, critics search for her Achilles heel

She sounds increasingly like a presidential contender, but as Hillary Clinton mulls a run, Republicans are taking aim at her record in a bid to smother the momentum building around her prospective campaign.

With critics dragging her into the political fray before she has announced 2016 plans, Team Clinton is pushing back against Republican storylines that she may not be fit for another gruelling White House race, and that she was an ineffectual secretary of state crafting her own political future instead of advancing US interests.

Hillary, hawking a new memoir, insisted she adeptly handled an "endless set of tough calls" as the top US diplomat, prodding Iran into nuclear talks and nudging the Mideast peace process forward.

Republicans see it differently...........


Nancy Pelosi: Families Of Benghazi Victims Have Asked Us Not To Launch New Committee

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the families of victims of the 2012 Benghazi, Libya, attack have reached out to lawmakers to ask them not to launch another probe into the incident.

"Two of their families have called us and said, 'Please don't take us down this path again,'" Pelosi said during her weekly press conference. "It's really hard for them. It's very sad."

Rep. Louise Slaughter's (D-N.Y.) office confirmed that a family member from the maternal side of Tyrone Woods' family called on Thursday to express support for the congresswoman's position on the issue, which is that another probe is not necessary. Woods was one of the CIA contractors killed in the attack. A Democratic aide said another family also has reached out to Democrats.


Boehner Dodges Questions About Fundraising Off Benghazi

Republicans are shamefully using the death of four Americans to make money. House Speaker John Boehner dodged and weaved when confronted with this.

Asked three times about the propriety of the party’s campaign arm fundraising off the select committee created to investigate the death of four Americans, Boehner repeated different variations of the same line.

“Our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones,” Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters in the Capitol. “Period.”
Asked again if it is proper for the National Republican Congressional Committee to use this committee money, Boehner said, “Our focus is getting the truth for these four families and for the American people.”…


Question: Is Republicanism hurting you and your loved ones?

That is the question citizens in the United States are starting to ask each other.

With Republicans holding up economic expansion and jobs by limiting programs designed to eliminate a slow growth economy, plus, many republicans in red states deem medicare expansion is not necessary while many citizens within their jurisdictions go without any form of health care leave many people asking, "Is Republicanism working?"

It seems Republican politicians, with their firm belief in Republicanism, seem fixed on continuing their coarse of actions no matter how destructive these actions are to the citizens that these GOP politicians rule over.
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