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Member since: Mon Mar 29, 2010, 09:23 PM
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Post Your Best Campaign Ad Idea

Here's are a few:

1) Because the Orange Idiot yearns to win, especially celebrity and vanity status, I propose a multi-part series called "Who Said it Best" styled like the side-by-side "who wore it best" celebrity click bait articles. Left screen is Trump saying/tweeting some outrageous shit like "I'm a stable genius." Right screen is villian/third-world dictator/Putin saying same. Final frame is the Orange Idiot in meltdown mode mocking a disabled person/woman/black people
followed by footage of our candidate calmly calling for unity and offering a vision of better days. Superimposed text reads: Choose wisely. Nov. 3.

2) A series of ads called "Shit Wannabe Dictators say" -- which features actual footage of Orange Baboon saying/tweeting shit like "I have the abolute right to order private businesses out of China," "I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency," I have the absolute right to ask other countries to investigate" rivals, "I have an absolute right to share intelligence with Russia," and of course "I have the absolute right to pardon myself."

3) A series called "Some people are saying" that showcases lies Trump told the American people on TV, followed immediately by contradictory statements/reversals by his spokespeople, cabinet members, chief of staff, honest witnessses and actual subject experts.

There is so much material to work with in the public domain. I'm excited to see what the real ad guys come up with. They need to hire the writers from Seth Myers' A Closer Look.

If Truly Trumptastic Traitor gets the boot before election, we pull together similar concepts for all the wingnuts up for election who defended or worse, parrotted this nonsense -- like Graham and McConnell. And if ever Nikki Haley were to re-surface (of course she will), we roll the tape on her shit too.

Posted by scrabblequeen40 | Tue Oct 22, 2019, 02:59 PM (11 replies)
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